Get V4 now, or wait for V5?

I was looking at purchasing Blocs 4 today. How soon is V5 coming out? Should I wait? Will there be a discounted upgrade fee?

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I imagine upgrades will be cheaper than first time purchases, but I would suspect buying 4 and then 5 would likely be more expensive, unless there is a grace period with a free upgrade. @Norm is the only one who can advise here.

There are generally a lot of changes between Blocs versions, so if you are new to Blocs it might be better just waiting, unless you are in a rush to get started immediately. I am mainly thinking about reducing your learning curve and minimising any confusion.


Obviously I don’t know the exact release date, that’s all up to @Norm , but when Blocs 4 was announced features were showcased too. That took about 1 or 2 weeks (if my memory serves me correctly), so if I had to make an educated guess I reckon Blocs 5 won’t be months away but rather a few weeks at most… And if a purchase isn’t that urgent, I’d go for Blocs 5 upon release right away.

Again, this is just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.


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Great, I wasn’t sure if it would be months or weeks away. This definitely helps.

@sdboardgamer Welcome! Pricing information will be available very soon, as will Blocs 5!




Nice. Wonder if it will be Mac and iPad in a single purchase.

@tschlander the iPad version is still in beta and will not be released with Blocs 5.

Hi Helen,

I am loving the blocs for iPad very much. Where is the best place to provide feedback?


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hi @johnhart96

you can do this here:

And send crash reports from the ipad app if that were to occur.