Help to center a row

Greetings to all, I am having problems to be able to center a row or section, attached image.

in 1920 it should look centered, like the small block or section below, but although it has a class with both sides in automatic it does not happen, it centers it to the left

If someone has an idea of ​​how to make it focus, it would be perfect, any help is welcome, and thanks

I’m not quite following the image combined with your description, but this may be due to column controls, and perhaps the width setting for the bloc(s) as set in the right side bar appearance settings…?

In addition to setting left/right margin to auto, are you familiar with how to work with columns?

If not, I highly recommend taking a look at elder’s training videos:

I’m working for the full width in the block

on the 1280 screen it looks perfectly aligned, including tablet or phone

with the customized class should look like this

but the reality is that it only aligns it to the left

the lower block of three columns, is centered, this error or inconvenience is rare, the configuration is perfectly for each column for the two blocks!

I do not understand how it is that if one block is centered and another is not! It’s very weird…

It would be helpful to post a screen capture of your Layer Tree. It’s not clear from your screen capture the structure you are working with, regarding how many elements you are using, how many rows, columns, images, etc…it looks like 3 blocs, but perhaps not…?

All the blocks are independent, I leave you the capture!

@Norm any idea of ​​this?

are your image sizes following ‘breakpoint’ best-practices?

It appears the carousel image is ‘repeating’ itself on the largest screen size due to be being forced to fill full screen width, but it’s actual width is not large enough to do so (as seen in the safari ‘developer responsive design’ screen capture, which btw is not always a reliable rendering tool).

Perhaps this is impacting the 4-column bloc directly below it causing it to shift to the left? So, I would make sure all settings, image sizes, main containers, are all well coordinated.

@Norm Any idea with this problem?