Hey community

Hey everyone,

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news and media the world is kinda going nuts :scream:

We have a global community here which is made up of creatives of various ages, with that in mind, I just wanted to wish you all well at this crazy time.

Hopefully things we’ll begin to calm for us all soon.

Stay safe and calm :raised_hands:


Thanks @Norm. You are right. Crazy. The Netherlands is from today in Lockdown too!
Take care to all out there!!!

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New Zealand at this stage is fairing well. Tough border restrictions and as of today community gathering restrictions are in place. But we are also very aware of what’s happening around the world. Take care everyone.


Thanks Norm, you and everyone else out their stay safe too.

I had to smile on Saturday doing the weekly shop, when over the PA system in Sainsbury they pleaded with people to calm down. These are truly mad times. Still confused with the British need to buy every toilet roll they can carry :rofl:

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Toothpaste :heavy_check_mark:
Toilet paper :heavy_check_mark:
Teabags :heavy_check_mark:
T’internet :heavy_check_mark:

Sorted :nerd_face:


What no coffee, I couldn’t live with out coffee. :sleeping:

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Thanks @Norm


Thanks @Norm
I live very close to Switzerland and France. All borders are closed. I can’t see my friends nearby. :frowning: It’s a strange situation. Greetings from Germany. Stay healthy! :heart:


Wanted to travel to my office in Greece, but I am stuck in the Netherlands for an unknown period. But MacBook and iMac are here :smiley: so time to improve Blocs sites :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Norm. it will get better soon ! Amen

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Welcome @katesmith1304
We’ll keep our sanitised fingers crossed.

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Hello @Norm and news from Portugal… Today Portugal announced State of emergency.
But with me, family and friends from now we are all ok…
There is the numbers in Portugal


Here in France we are in quarantine, the army is on the street controlling people doesn’t get out of the houses. But all good!!

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Yeah it’s beginning to get rather serious here in the uk now.

Watching on the news that the UK government has lost count of how many cases they actually has and that they are planning to quarantine the old people and let the rest become infected??

No, everything is closing now, schools close tomorrow, central London closed pretty much today. Most families around us (in the north of England) are self isolating as soon as the schools close.

I don’t think our schools will return until September.

My wife works at the local college and she is being told that staff are expected to continue going in next week. I reckon that is madness and 80% will ignore them.

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Here in The Netherlands it is totally getting out of hand now. They don’t test people anymore. Only when you are so sick that you need to go to the hospital, then they test you. The government policy is to spread the virus in a controlled way so the hospitals will not get to full. It means 10 million people will get sick and 1% of them will die. Crazy!!!

Here’s the 4 M’s for Self-care, especially important during high stress times:

  • Mindfulness (in any form, taking just a few moments, or more, to just breath and let go)

  • Mastery (doing little to big things you do well, or learn something new)

  • Movement (from simple motions, stretching, walking, to more robust exercise)

  • Meaningful Connection (we are social beings, so whatever this means for you)

Doing these daily like brushing your teeth will support your wellbeing, and those with you!


Yeah I think by the time we hit Friday the UK will be preparing for lockdown on Monday.