How do I organise my project?

From my site’s company page, I’d like users to be able to navigate to each of our products, each of which would be in a subfolder.

-> Product A
-> Product Info
-> Contact Us
-> Product B
-> Product Info
-> Support
-> Blog
-> Product C
-> Product Info
-> Press Releases

So, the URLs would be:

I can’t see a way to make a Blocs project support this structure but, without it, my site looks really amateur, and I end up with URLs such as and etc

Am I missing something obvious or is this not supported? And if it’s not supported, would any of you Blocs experts have any suggestions for me?

Thanks so much.

Edit: changed “subdomain” to “subfolder”, it was a typo.

I agree the current url structure is not ideal for various reasons and this has been discussed on the forums previously. I would prefer each page to an index.html inside a separate folder, so you would end up with a url inside the browser that looks like without even needing to specify index.html or index.php at the end. The folder name then clearly shows the end user the page subject.

Creating a subdomain for each product seems horribly complex and in theory it would force you to create a separate site in each case, so I don’t feel that is credible from a practical standpoint.

Somebody posted a small .htaccess script a while back that I can’t find right now, but it basically achieved the same result inside the browser as I indicated above. Perhaps somebody else might remember what that is.

I think this feature will come with Blocs 3 wich will appear later this year.

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We all want this. It’s just a question of how to manage with projects that have to be done now if you want to use Blocs.

Just create each product page as a single page blocs project and export to it’s relevant folder name (Product-A, Product-B etc.) Each folder will then have it’s own index.html which will allow it to open with just the folder URL. Links in your site should be set up as absolute URL’s to point to folders. This keeps the project files small and easy to update. If you have a general site page, create this as another blocs project. Upload the exported site to your domain, along with all the folders and you’ll be good to go.

To ensure consistency of layout across the product pages, create a template and use it to start each product-specific site.

That works but it still means creating a separate project file for each page. It also means that any custom classes will have to be recreated and updated as required one project at a time…

At this stage I’m very aware of Blocs 3 being due within 3-6 months, so I’m having to think about longterm maintenance and updates. Depending on how Blocs 3 turns out there may be sites where I carry out any updates in 2.5, since I don’t want to rebuild everything from scratch.

this is why a template is a good option. Essentially, you create everything once - included classes, and then everything is immediately available on all pages based on that template.

Sure, but if you decide to change any key aspect at a later date, it would still need to be amended on each project one by one. I guess it all comes down to the number of pages in play at the end of the day.