How to change side bar nav menu background color?

Hi! I don’t understand wich subclass can change side bar nav menu background color?

Personally I do not work .Send an email to Norm(thanks Norm) I explain it but I still do not understand it.

Is it a reply to my question? What are you talking about? Are you trolling me? :rage:

just relax :wink: I meant that I also want to know how it is done

Ahaha! Ok, mariojazz :grin:

Hey @mariojazz and @blocs-user its really simple:

• Open the Class Manager.

• Click the plus button (top right) to add a class.

• From the new class sheet click the Subclass Lib drop down and select ‘Special Navigator container’, doing this will fill in the class name field. Now click add class button.

• You will see in the Class Manager you have a new class called Special Navigator container. This is the class used to apply the background colour to the special nav menus, you now have a subclass of it so you can over-ride the default settings.

• Click the little settings icon to the far right of the new class table item to open the Class Editor.

• Inside the Class Editor click the paintbrush Icon and apply a background colour.

Please use the latest beta build 9 as its less confusing using subclasses if you don’t understanding how classes work as some warnings have been removed when subclassing in the latest build.

Thanks Norm

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Did it! Thanks Norm!

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@mariojazz @blocs-user well done guys, subclassing is mega simple once you know how, some tutorials are coming on working with classes very soon.


When I try this @norm the menu colour remains unchanged (still black)

the class name I am editing is

blocsapp-special-menu blocsnav

BTW the Help - Community link from Blocs is is still linked to the Old Forum



Not sure if it’s intentional, but you have to add a “-” dash after menu.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Blocs is great, but after a year of 2.0, I think so much still needs improvement.