HTML Email Builder Add-On for Blocs

I love blocs and the effortless way we are able to build beautiful websites, landing pages etc.

I work in Salesforce space and the regular HTML website builders are really clunky and limited with pre-defined templates.

I imagine Blocs can have marketing add-on with HTML Email Builder that has an optimised version of the email out-of-the-box and is capable of building beautiful emails.

Some features:

  • Option to export as a plain text for servers that doesn’t accept HTML emails. Currently I have to go to Mailchimp HTML to Text service, paste the HTML and it will format the text extracted from the HTML to somewhat visually acceptable version

  • Link image assets from platform like Pardot or Salesforce Marketing Cloud…or other

  • Preview of Desktop and Mobile

  • Preview how the email will be received by the most common email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Mail for Mac…)

  • Send test email - field to add one email address and send the email created to verify the delivery and visual result

  • Export HTML code

  • Save Templates/versions

Thank you for considering
Kind regards,
Aleš O.

Hi @AlesO , welcome to the forum.

Interesting first post but probably out of scope for this product. But I guess the app developer would need to determine that. Blocs is built upon Bootstrap, neither were intended for emails inherently given email creation is still completely different than creating websites.

Regarding using Bootstrap the below tool might help you accomplish email creation.