Images, galleries and albums

Just purchased Blocs 4 and am beginning to think I’ve made a mistake in doing so.

What I would like is a photo album grid index with thumbnails that is automatically generated from a group of images.

I’ve found the discussion at How to Create A Simple Lightbox Gallery but that only produces a lightbox type of display and is a heck of a lot of work if one wishes to handle a few dozen photos. Surely there’s a simple drag-and-drop images from the finder somehow, isn’t there?

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Hi @macdafydd. Sorry to read that you think that you’ve made a mistake purchasing Blocs 4 :frowning:

When I moved to Blocs from Adobe Muse I remember finding that things worked slightly differently. But it didn’t take me too long to figure out how to create sites in a new way. And when I’ve needed assistance, then I’ve found everyone on this forum to be super-helpful.

The Lightbox Gallery thread you found, took place sometime ago, and much of the discussion referred to Blocs 2. Lots of changes have been made to the app since then. Without seeing a visual of what you are trying to create, I would recommend looking at the Gallery Blocs and duplicating rows in the Layer Navigator. Double-clicking any of the image place holders will open the Assets Manager panel, where you can select the appropriate photo.

Of course Lightbox is the default Interaction for these types of Gallery Blocs. And I get the feeling that’s not what you want. Again it’s difficult for me to comment, without really understanding what it is that you want to create. My advice is to keep this dialogue open and see what other Blocs users suggest.


Thank you, DerekDigital, for your reply. The sort of thing I’d like to be able to do can be seen at

Basically, I’d like to be able to easily create a photo album grid index with thumbnails that is automatically generated from a group of images, dragged either from the Finder, or from a file dialogue box, or from a photo app such as Photo.

The Asset Manager is confusing. It seems to be impossible to delete a selection of assets once they are present there, even if the assets are not used in the site. Rather, the assets must be removed one by one. But even then, why pass through the Asset Manager to add images to a gallery? Why not just drag them to the gallery place-holder, after which Blocs should arrange them and add them to the assets storage. In that way, a complete gallery can be created with a single drag-and-drop; as far as I can see, this now has to be done image by image.

But you are quite correct, Lightbox is not the thing I am looking for, instead I want something that more resembles a photo album.

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I’ve heard you @macdafydd,

Do throw in the towel just yet.


Hi @macdafydd there are no magic gallery images with Lightbox. The example you showed is actually fairly easy to set up. On the home page each image link to its own page. That page holds thumbnails images that once clicked opens the Lightbox.

On the home page set up Bloc with four columns and add the thumbnail images. Create one page for the first thumbnail image. On the page set up another four-column Bloc. Add the image bric to the columns. Once you get it set up as you want, just duplicate the page and rename it for the second thumbnail link. Do that for each page you need.

You can drag your images directly from a finder window to the image bric placeholder. Yes, it’s a lot of work to set up these galleries but it’s just the way things work in Blocs.

Don’t get discouraged it looks like you just purchased Blocs and anything new has a learning curve. Our forum is here to help, check out Eldars videos, they can really help you learn Blocs. All of the members in the forum have been exactly where you are at. It’s a great app, just give it some time, all apps work differently.

Good Luck!


Welcome to Blocs and the forum @macdafydd - Stick with it…I have and the rewards are huge. To be honest, the learning curve is easy…its just when you want to do something different that needs slight bit more of a work around.

I will be honest and please don’t shoot the messenger! But I do think large galleries can be off putting, but this 100% depends on who your target audience is and if galleries play a huge part of what the site is about. But I can see what you are looking for and what @casey1823 has said above that it is simple to do and you can add a much better style to it and with Blocs 4 now, you can get more creative with this.

I do think the way you want to do this is not something i see much these days

Here is a page full of websites built with Blocs, maybe one or two of these might give you some inspiration.

Good luck and shout out if you need more help.

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Agreed @macdafydd, that it can be frustrating at times, not being able to select multiple assets in the Asset Manager in order to delete them. However, @Norm has already put up a poll on the forum that asks us, the users of Blocs, what we’d like to see in future versions of the app. If I remember rightly, removing unused assets was one of the choices.

The scenario / solution that @casey1823 describes, in his response to your post, is the way that I would perhaps approach an image-rich site like the one you already have. And who knows, @Whittfield may be developing a new piece of magic to plug into Blocs, that will perform some of the functionality that you’re currently looking for.

Don’t be afraid to come back, as and when you need more tips and tricks. There is generally someone on the Blocs Forum that will have a solution for you, and is happy to share their product knowledge.

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Thanks to you all for taking the trouble to reply to me. It is deeply appreciated. I shall continue to try to master Blocs (I’ve paid for it, after all!). I don’t give up easily, but I do get frustrated with unnecessary limitations and lack of what I look upon as basic features that I am used to from older products. :roll_eyes:

I like @casey1823 idea. I have seen an example in pure HTML5/CSS that uses a tag to filter photos (All/People/Places/Things). And I have also seen in a WordPress gallery plugin the notion of Albums that contain Galleries (list the Albums on the first page - click that and takes you to the gallery) … But they all take time and effort - I too have been frustrated in the past by this!

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