Is 4.0 around the corner?

Still just wonder if it…

I hope Blocs 4 works on both Intel and ARM. :smile:

I’m sure it will be the same response that your last (of many) inquiry received.


It‘s nearly November. Not that much time left to release Blocs 4 „later this year“. :slightly_smiling_face:

I‘m also very much looking forward to version 4, and even if it’s going to be early 2021, that’s fine. Asking this question every few weeks won‘t speed up the development process though.

I’m sure Norm is working hard on version 4. My guess is we’ll see it yet this year.


Not much of 2020 left so it has to be coming soon :sweat_smile:


I’d rather wait till it’s the final product and done right. Rushing it is no good.

Take your time @Norm…but hurry up at the same time! :joy:

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it would be awesome to know some on the new features will be implemented :crazy_face:

It would be a pretty sweet Christmas gift IMO

macOS Big Sur may release by mid November and coincide with two new ARM MacBooks. They pushed the 11.0.1 developer beta also so we should be getting close. Maybe before or by December we will also see Blocs 4. Given Covid and the upsurge in online shopping I’m sure Apple would like to have things in place in time for Black Friday.

Then again on all fronts its anyones guess in the end.

There ya go @Himmelstrutz, official announcements are beginning to be revealed.


Good to hear. Will it work also for us not going for Arm(y), maybe not ever?

Thanks, that’s very good to hear.