Is it possible to make yur own bloc masks?

And if so, how would you use them, and where to store?
Maybe an import option in the bloc mask dropdown?

Sure can. Google CSS clip-path and masking.

Lots of online examples. And even online generators. A clip-path generator has been mentioned a few times on the forum if I’m not mistaken.

Ps… clip-path has replaced clip. Anything you find that’s clip ignore.

Here you go:

There is a thread going back to 2020 :grin::joy:

Excellent, thanks again gents.
I looked, but didn’t know or remember the term ‘clip’ for it, I was hunting for bloc masks.

Yeah a few threads pre masks feature in blocs.

Looking at one post of mine from 2020 I was using clip-path. So the transition from clip must have happened a while ago now.