JavaScript Integration in Blocs 3?

Hey @Norm, just a thought.

So, I have been using the custom HTML and CSS text editors built into Blocs (which I love) to achieve some really cool effects. I also find myself adding code to the JavaScript files after I export my project. The problem is; I have to re-add my custom JavaScript code everytime I make an update to my website and export it.

I was just wondering if there will be a section to input custom JavaScript code inside of Blocs (similar to how we can add custom HTML and CSS code).

Maybe in Blocs 3…

I understand if this is not a very important feature to add to Blocs any time soon. It is just a thought.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

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Why not just attach this JS via the page header settings? Either as a page attachment or a snippet in the head code section?

Blocs 3 has a code widget which is a step up from the html widget, basically it can handle any type of code as it prevents rendering code in the design environment which stops the code being effected by the canvas dom rendering and being executed. It’s a big improvement for JS and PHP.


Oh WOW!!

I didn’t know I could do this, I thought that in the page settings it is only for html and css.
I will try it later today.

Thanks, you must have thought of this before hahah :smiley:

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Hey @Norm, I just tried it and I am running into a problem.

Here are my page settings:

Here is my code which I am adding to the page header:

Here is what appears on my website:

Thanks in advance again hahah.

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Did you wrap your JS in a script tag?

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OK, I managed to fix it.

I had to wrap it in a script tag (I feel like an idiot hahaha :joy:)
And I had to put it under ‘Footer’ not ‘Header’

Thanks, helped me out. It a great thing knowing that we can implement Javascript easily inside of Blocs itself.

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Yeah you can also just attach JS files to the page settings too.


@gadusidup, you refer to html and css text editors built right in to Blocs. Would you be so kind as to explain how I access those? Thanks in advance

It is easy…

On Blocs go to: Navigation Bar (at the top of your screen) > Page > Settings. Then there is a button called ‘Add Code’

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@gadusidup, ok thanks very much. I’ve used this area, and it works fine, but only applies the css to each page individually. I thought perhaps you might be referring to something else where we could attach an external css style sheet that applied the styling to the entire project.

When I acquire more knowledge I’m sure this is going to come in handy.

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oh wow, really?
This website is not a client’s, it is my website.

Thanks for telling me about the keyword meta tag. I will change it immediately. Why is it still in Blocs then?

Oh well, thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately many developers including Adobe still have a “keywords meta tag” entry point. It can be very telling how aware or educated they are on the subject of SEO. Google, Bing and a few others in that order are 98% of the search engines in use worldwide.
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Maybe it will get deleted from the app…:grinning:

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Is your site published yet?

I suspect that developers retain keyword areas in their apps just to avoid wailing accusations from users who don’t understand. I agree they are pointless, but if you were an app developer you wouldn’t want to read rants about your software being bad for SEO, no matter how unfounded.

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Lol…it’s our job as professionals to educate. It’s not difficult to show any prospective client the proof. I’ve been doing this for many years, probably more years than many here are old.

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I’d be glad to take a look at any websites you have done and give a free analysis …I suspect you have been doing pretty well though based on your response.
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Thank you, that’s very kind and I may take you up on that offer. As I was writing my last post it actually made me think more about targeting different types of clients, because these small local businesses really are amateur in every sense.

Sometimes they are amenable to being helped and accept your advice, but other times it seems like they are just determined to mess things up and then blame the web designer…