Just gathering thoughts

This relates to my previous post :

But I’m after some generic input on how to make it manageable in a design sense, and anyone who’s used scripts before.

I have a client who is airline based to help nervous flyers and would like their helpfulness to be rated (a bit like a trustpilot star rating). There are scripts on PHP Jabbers which I’m wrangling with (and not really getting one of their helpers to understand me properly), but here’s the scenario.

There will be 318 (or thereabouts) airline companies.
Each of the 318 companies will have 6 scoring headings with star ratings
2 x text boxes for good points and bad points
A ‘results slider’ to show the average score from the 6 headings

So that part is basically 1 script - bear with me here, I’ve never used scripts before, so related to this - can you have more than 1 script per page? They still haven’t answered this basic question.

If so, does the following scenario seem like a decent option - but suggestions are more than welcome.

Group the airlines into 6-10 pages, ie: A-D, E-H, I-L etc. where each page could have 40-50 airlines on it, or can you think of an easier option?

Sorry, that was long-winded, but it’s a damn sight shorter than the explanation I got from the client! Hopefully that all makes some sort of sense.

Out and about a lot this week, so there may not be immediate responses from me! Thank all.