Lazy loading question


Is this an issue for Blocs? (For those who check off the box at export)

Google lazy loading


Hi @bourne

My 2 cents:

It depends on your page structure and especially your content. Should you only have text content and no images it would probably not matter.

Question is why would you want to tick it off ? It is integrated in Blocs to help with faster loading which Google will recognize and provide viewers with a better experience (provided you have optimized your content as well).



I know for certain that lazy loading in Blocs interferes with the actions of certain site map generators, so images and other content are excluded, unless it is switched off before exporting the site.

My understanding was that Google is now able to process pages with lazy loading and index them properly, though perhaps that depends on what system is used, as indicated by that article. I have a little app called Robotize that emulates what a search engine sees when it visits your website and sure enough it says there is only one image on a website I have just completed in Blocs 3, which appears like

I have just looked inside Google webmaster tools and I can see that the sites done in Rapidweaver without using lazy load have lots of indexed images. On my Blocs sites not a single image has been indexed, so this is disappointing to say the least and needs some sort of fix without a doubt.


Are you referring to when lazy loading is selected?


Yes this is when lazy load is in use. I’ve gone to the trouble of ensuring there are alt tags and the images are named for SEO, then I ensured they were included in the sitemap, yet still not a single one has been indexed.