Linking Word Documents

I have a very basic question - I have been using Adobe Muse and Blocs looks like a good replacement. I run several Parish Council websites, I need to upload Word documents very often. I will need to link and upload perhaps hundreds of files. Can I easily do this using Blocs? Thank you.

I don’t think it’s possible to add word files to your project assets, but certainly you can add PDF files (a better practice for the WEB). Just create a text, button or image link on your page. Select the link and go to the interactions section of the sidebar. Choose Download file as the option and then select the file from the dropdown list. The files should be added to your asset manager so that they show up in the dropdown list.


If you must provide word documents (maybe for users to edit), zip them first and add the zip files to your assets. These can also be downloaded via the download interaction option.

The reason it’s not good practice to provide .doc or .docx files is that they have a tendency to open the Word application when the link is clicked (assuming Word is installed on the user’s computer). Also, Word files have been known to contain malicious code which makes some users a little apprehensive about downloading and opening the files, particularly when the application opens without user warning. An infected file could do its damage simply by clicking the link. At least with a zip file, the user will have the option of scanning the zip before opening in the application.


Thank you!

You can also just drag and drop a pdf file in the page and Blocs will create a button that you can style.


Got a client who wants to download docx files, surely this should be a decision for the developer / user regardless of good practice?

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