Local web development using MAMP etc

Using Blocs I tend to just rely on the built in preview or publishing to a draft domain for testing, but I wondered whether others are using anything like MAMP or alternatives and if you have any recommendations, not necessarily just for Blocs but more generally as well.

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I am only using MAMP. But you know what I am doing, so it might not be relevant :wink:

I was mulling over whether MAMP Pro was worth the investment or indeed if there is a better alternative. Also I might check if there are any issues relating to LiteSpeed servers, though it should be fine. We know it’s not a problem with Volt.

I use MAMP Pro for OctoberCMS development. It’s excellent.

Definitely if you have more than one project you work on in parallel.

I also use their other App NAMO with it. I don’t use them when creating a static website though, since Blocs can now serve locally I just use that for testing on my iPad and phone.

I would be highly surprised if there were. Isn’t LiteSpeed fully compatible with Apache ? I don’t know much about it.

Yes it’s based on Apache, just considerably faster.

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Hello all, I use XAMPP in my Mac, I use the version XAMPP VM as I don’t need to install natively in the machine and works like a Virtual Machine. And it works great and it is free… and you have a lot of add-ons.

I use it to my PHP development, I have a few DB’s in there and I can choose the IP and Port, it works very well…

You could try, check the link:


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