Lost hours of work - Solved

[EDIT] - It was just me that didn’t properly see few blocs were in a global area. [/EDIT]

Starting a new website from scratch on Blocs v5.2.3.
After some good work, I duplicated the page I’m satisfied with to create other pages. On duplicate pages, I suppress the blocs (columns and content) in order to insert new content.
Export, Save… Result:
brics and/or blocs I suppressed are erased on ALL pages !
Tried a few times, even before exporting, just previewing in Blocs, the content of all pages is deleted at the same time when I suppress it in one page.

What the hell Blocs is doing ?

Hi @svimic, Firt thing I’d check is that they’re not inadvertantly in a global area - I’ve been caught out that way before.
Failing that, not a clue.

I know how time consuming and frustrating Blocs can be. Blocs 5.3.2 crashes way too much. I very frequently save the project I am working on. It seems when I do forget, Blocs will crash.

It sounds like your content has all been placed in on of the projects global areas.

Did you have auto backup enabled?

Are you encountering crashes daily?

With a specific project or multiple projects?

Hey Norm, it random.
Auto backup is always on. I found saving the project is more reliable.

Thanks for your answers. I realized during the night that I might have forgot to check it wasn’t in the global area as you suggested.

And yes, it was ! Silly me. Sorry for that @Norm

Moreover, the blue line is visible although it disappear when hovering the above bloc. I was too concentrated on the content. My fault.

Regarding backup, I agree with @KBConcepts. I usually hit command-S regularly. But in this case, I should’n have saved so quickly and the backup was before I added all the content.

Something strange though. As there is no indicator of global areas in the Layout tree, how do I move the blocs above the global area ?

Yes you have, a blue bar on the side indicates blocs who are on global areas

Captura de pantalla 2024-04-30 a la(s) 09.12.01

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Good example of unwarranted sensationalized thread titles and post comments that do not accurately reflect Blocs and instead give false negativity towards the app. Unfortunately this occurs from time to time on the forum.

The above comment is not directed at anyone in particular, I just wanted to express that so all users can consider taking a better approach in the future when posting about the app. Especially given @Norm’s tireless effort of correcting actual issues and continual advancing of Blocs for all users.


You’r right but as long as we acknowledge our error, I think it’s fine.

And you have to take into account that if a user encounter a real bug (which I did and it took quite a time for @Norm to resolve it), he is more incline to think there is a bug when he does a misuse.

I would say that every «negative» comment might help to target improvement for UI/UK :innocent:

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Yes, you’re right.
For an unknown reason, the side panel has an horizontal scrollbar which easily move with the mouse.
I had to go to the project and move the scrollbar full left to see again the blue lines.
An idea could be to have a solid horizontal blue line for global areas in the layout tree.

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Or frustration being expressed because of uncertainty :man_shrugging: don’t forget, peoples time has value. That mixup with blocs in the global area has happened a lot, often with new users but also experienced. Maybe a UX improvement could help reduce or eliminate the frequency of that happening. Learning opportunity for everyone.


Sure, I understand though imagine if it was the first time a potential new user was visiting the forum and they were given the complete wrong impression about the app by a thread title and certain comments. If that was their only “time” researching the app, with time being valuable as you stated. Sure it proved to be wrong and inaccurate, yet still looked overtly bad concerning Blocs.

Maybe you could express how you feel it could be improved, given you’ve kept track of the perceived annoyance. How would you then suggest improving it to ensure this frustration does not continue to occur for users ?

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In defence of @Svimic’ mistake - there’s something odd going on with global areas in the latest stable release. @Norm, fyi.

I’ll try and explain what happened.
Navigation > top global area, all fine
2 blocs > Middle dynamic area, all fine

I decided that Bloc2 should be moved into the footer global area - no blue line shown anywhere, so unable to drag down there.
I then right clicked on the Bloc2 to see what options I had, and move to dynamic area was there, so I selected it ………… and Bloc 1 went there!

Undid that and tried the same, and again it was the wrong bloc that moved. At least I had the blue dividing line there to differentiate dynamic and global now, but I then couldn’t edit or delete either bloc.

Restarted Blocs and same again, unable to edit.
Restarted Mac and I couldn’t move or edit the blocs but was able to delete, so I had to rebuild the dynamic section. I was however able to then add a bloc into the footer area.

Just strange I didn’t have the footer global area there to start with, so I think something a bit strange going on somewhere.
2014 iMac, OS 11.7.10 Blocs 5.2.3

Then you would need a private support forum and a public for testimonies. I doubt people come and spend time reading posts to make an opinion on the app. If they are new to web development, they won’t do that. They will check on ProductHunt and other reviews and I always rate Blocs very well. If they are new to Blocs, and are used with other apps, they know that all have their bugs. When developing a website, whether in Joomla or Blocs for me, we always spend time in forum to resolve issues. And some are real and get long time to be addressed, and not a user misuse as in this case.

Human nature is an interesting thing, so I’ll point to what I expressed originally.

Does the (Option + Command + down Arrow) not work to move the Bloc down?.

It didn’t yesterday! No bottom global area initially to move things into.

It’s not the role of forum members to work on copy that will promote Blocs to other people when commenting in a community led support forum. Maybe if there are a lot of said comments then there are things to address :man_shrugging: and as you will know, English is not everyone’s first language.

There is a genuine pain point experienced by a user who didn’t see the solution. The forum helped them see the problem (even the dev responded quickly) and they have been able to resolve it. Happens all the time here. Seems like you might be focused on the wrong thing. Maybe you can contribute to helping?

Regarding making suggestions….

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