macOS Sonoma support?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here, but been using Blocs all this year and I’m loving it.
macOS Sonoma is 2 weeks ahead and I’m wondering if Blocs will be ready to support it from the day one. I’m still on Ventura but I’m looking forward to upgrade to Sonoma on 26.09. Any thoughts?


I asked a while ago in the beta thread and received no reply, but based on previous version updates I would guess it will be ready for launch day.

Only @Norm can answer that one and there may be one or two bugs that are fixed up shortly after release.

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I have a terrible bug regarding colours of classes that crashes my project, unsure if it’s a project, Blocs or Sonoma issue.

Hopefully, @Norm will get it ready in 2 weeks, as right now it is unusable because of the bug @Brocky120 mentioned, among a few other problems.

Blocs crashes every time you try to do anything with colors, or even by trying a search in the bric/bloc bar. I had to downgrade to Ventura a couple of days ago just to be able to record new tutorials for my new course.

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How long have you been running Sonoma @Eldar? What are your impression so far? Apart from the bugs :joy:

I haven’t sold my surplus MacBook Pro yet. Maybe I should test it out with it.

About a month. I don’t use a lot of 3rd party apps, and the ones I use (Pixelmator Pro, Affinity Designer, Transmit, Things 3, etc) are all working perfectly fine. If it wasn’t for Blocs, I would have used it until the official release without a problem.

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That’s the down side right. When a new OS comes out I always end up updating on launch day (usually directly after telling myself to wait a week or two), but it’s a quick run through the vital apps first for potential issues.

I’ve been running ios17 on my iPhone and iPad since the betas came out. Way less risky :joy:

I can’t confirm.
I’m on Sonoma RC and tried using colors in classes and elsewhere in a new project with no issues.
The only thing I noticed is scrolling with the mouse on the canvas does not work smooth.


Strange, not sure what the requirements are to repro it.

I tested it on Blocs 5.1.2 and 5.1.3-b1 with new and existing projects.
No crashes.

Im hoping to have Blocs 5.1.3 beta 2 out tomorrow with some more fixes including some for Sonoma.


Hey @Brocky120 & @Eldar, when you get the crash is it when the colour popup opens, or when there is any type of interaction to the colour control interface?

Also are you on Intel or Apple Silicon.

@Bootsie what is your processor type?

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MacMini M2 8 core

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Hey @Norm, yes, when the color popup opens. It actually not opens at all, just crash.

M1 Pro MacBook Pro

What am I doing wrong :sweat_smile:

As soon as you open to change colour, it crashes immediately.

Apple Silicon on RC Sonoma

@Eldar and @Brocky120 I’ve found the cause and got it all fixed up ready for tomorrow. I’ll likely issue a separate build for Sonoma compiled with the xcode beta.


Absolutely, amazing. Thanks :grinning: but that means I don’t have an excuse to update my site now :roll_eyes:

It’s here :point_right: Blocs for Mac 5.1.3 Beta Build 2