Blocs for Mac 5.1.3 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone, here is the 2nd beta of Blocs V5.1.3. This release is a special one as there are two builds, a version compiled as normal with the release version of Xcode (software used to create Blocs) and another compiled with the beta of Xcode 15.

• If you are running Sonoma use the specific Sonoma build.

• If you are pre Sonoma (Ventura, Monterey, etc), you can use both builds.

More fixes coming next week.

Happy testing :beers:

Download Blocs Beta


Colour bug now fixed, super duper, thanks and have a good weekend!

Hi Norm,

I’m back to Ventura for now, so can’t test it yet. Does this build also fix the crash after searching the bric bar bug?

This must have been the fastest bug fix ever! :sunglasses: :racing_car:


I wasn’t able to trigger this issue. So not found that one yet.

Can’t say I have run into that issue either

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Take it for a good spin, hopefully it’s a lot easier to work with now.

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I’m currently using Ventura on an intel machine, but assuming I update to Sonoma on day one of release will there be a universal update before then?

The only reason I’ve separated the builds is incase there is an underlying issue I’ve missed. I’d encourage using the Sonoma build right now, but if it’s unusable for an unforeseen issue, switch to the other build.

Upon release there won’t be separate (builds if all goes to plan).


Hey, @Norm. Applying a colour to the Nav Toggle only works on the canvas, not when it is in preview/live.

Small Potato Ltd 2023-09-16 at 09.23.41

I need to add to the code editor:

.svg-menu-icon {
	stroke: white;

to change its colour.

Small Potato Ltd 2023-09-16 at 09.31.20


The special navigation class is not applying its background colour as well.


.blocsapp-special-menu blocsnav {

resolves the issue.

Small Potato Ltd 2023-09-16 at 09.50.38

I’ll check those out may need the project to test with.

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Using the 5.1.3B2 build (non Somona) build I can’t seem to recreate exactly your demo video at Blocs for Mac 5.1.3 Beta Build 1 📢 - #39 by Norm by following what I think I see in your video. I still get the CSS Grid visual controls and auto generated Grid Items. See below:

I selected Grid in the Positioning for the class I created - cssgrid1, but I noticed that there is Blocs created class of grid-style added. I also set this to Grid in positioning but the visual controls and layout remained.

Also, I have not set a gap in the Grid Container box, and there appears to be a non zero default gap that is not displayed. Wondering if this is being derived from the default CSS Grid visual layout?

I can’t help thinking that the Blocs CSS Grid is getting even more complicated, and I would find it more intuitive to add an extra pair of new Div Brics called CSS Grid Container and CSS Grid Item. Then you would add a CSS Grid Continer already with all required settings in place, and then add in Grid Items as required without any auto generation of Grid items and an unrequired additional empty Row.

You need to set the grid container type to a div in the sidebar inspector. Or start with a div container with a few div container inside.


AFAIK that is what I did:

In a new blant project, I added a Div and selected it to be a Grid Container. Then gave it a Class of cssgrid1 and set to Display as Grid, in Positioning. As soon as I enter a Col template, the Visual Controls appear with 6 Grid Items.

You don’t set it as a grid container in the sidebar.

  1. Add a div.
  2. add a class to it.
  3. set its position value to grid in the class.

When you build your own grid, you don’t use any of the predefined grid bric or grid type options. The moment you do that, Blocs gives you the default controls and adds boilerplate settings.

It’s worth noting when you build your own grid, you are responsible for inserting the child divs, it will no longer be automated in any way.

Thanks. I got it now.

That’s OK and how it should be.

Hey, @Norm.
Any change we could see at some point a page-reload button in preview? It would come in really handy for previewing different breakpoints.

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Hey @Norm

I am attempting to use the API call back notification in a bric. It appears I do not see any notifications appear.

I am copy/pasting the example in the docs.

function myFunction(){
   // My Code is here
window.webkit.messageHandlers.notification.postMessage('{"message":"Hey, this is a notification.","id":"my-bric-notification"}');

I have used it before some time ago and it worked, so not sure what’s up? I can’t see anything in both Blocs stable and current beta.


My mistake, I had this unticked in the Blocs settings :rofl:

I do notice one thing though, and I could be approaching this wrong, is I instantly reset the notification ID once its triggered, so if the user selects the button again. There seems to be a long delay in that resetting?

Hey @Norm

Just found a showstopper bug in the 5.1.3b1 & b2 (works fine in 5.1.2): all data attributes set on a custom parent bric are being stripped out !
I haven’t tested on child data attributes yet, but I’m sure it has the same problem.

So I tried putting the ‘blocs-custom-data-attributes’ in the parent, but it is only allowing the first & last data attribute:

<div class="myclass" blocs-custom-data-attributes="data-one data-two data-three" data-one="1" data-two="2" data-three="3">

Exports out as:
<div class="myclass" data-one="1" data-three="3">

Got to have all of the attributes - as I’m sure you understand, thanks :smile:


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Yeah Blocs will not show notifications repeatedly as it’s annoying. There’s a few minutes cool off until another is allow to be shown.