Moving from 1and1 to ......?

Hi all,

I have had some pricing issues with 1and1 (or iOnois or what ever they are called!)
My main contract for my package runs out in March 2021 but I have been told they will refund me the difference.

What would you consider? I have seen sooooo many people people on forums, designers etc all going to Siteground and another one is Hostinger which have really cheap deals.

I need to look after around 6 websites for my own businesses and will be designing some small websites for people which I will get a small plan for them on either SiteGround or Hostinger…
Any feedback on those mentioned? and how simple is it to transfers from 1and1 to another host?

cheers all !

A lot of hosts will migrate Cpanel to Cpanel for free. But the migration process is not hard.

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I’ve been with 1&1 all my life! To be fair - I know they have a bad name BUT I’ve never had a single issue apart from their billing.
Each year they hike the costs right up and I have to keep battling to get refunds as they charge for things I didn’t ask for.
The latest one was £25 a month for a upgraded site builder, and they just took £150 out of my bank for it!
6 phone calls to get it refunded.

Seems Siteground is huge and very popular. are pretty cheap and I find them helpful. I would rate them as good but not perfect for reliability. For a few pounds more each month I much prefer for faster speeds and rock solid uptime, but it all depends on your priorities. They are a bit more tailored to web designers and professionals.

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I’ve always found namecheap to be excellent, both in terms of pricing and support - always available round the clock on live chat and almost all issue are resolved during a chat session. The lowest shared hosting plan allows up to three websites, unmetered bandwidth and free ssl certificates for the first year - all for about $18 for the first year and then about $34 per year thereafter. If you go for their next tier, you get unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth, unmetered storage and up to 50 SSL certificates free for the first year. That package will cost about $30 for the first year and a little under $60 per year thereafter.

Namecheap uses the standard cPanel interface which contains a lot of options for mySQL database creation, Email accounts (50 per domain), selection of PHP versions, automatic ftp configuration files for cyberduck. and of course, all those quick install apps that people have come to expect.

Got to be worth a look!!!

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I have just built a website for a client who has been using Strato for both hosting and as domain registrar. They don’t even allow you to change the nameservers, so that is one to stay away from for sure. It’s some weird complex setup they have.

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@Flashman Ah, the sneaky trick to keep you with them!!! Don’t have that problem with namecheap - you have full control over name servers and can point your domains to any server of your choosing if the client want’s to host elsewhere. They also do website migration free of charge, so moving from another host should be a breeze if the host uses cPanel. The one thing I’ve also noticed is that they haven’t signed up to the EU VAT directive. If you host on their US datacenter, you will not be charged VAT, even if the domain registrant is in an EU country - that can save you about 21%. If you sign up for their UK datacenter, the dreaded VAT will be applied as usual.

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I am in the U.S., I use a Linode. I believe it’s international so it would be a good thing to check out. I was paying several hundred bucks a month for some specialized hosted servers, and over time those physical servers began to degrade but my price kept going up! Linode is virtualized so they offer the most current options and the hardware is constantly improved. We moved the company over to Linenode and shaved a considerable (huge) amount off of the monthly fee, and saw an uptick in reliability immediately. They allow you to configure whatever control panel you like, too. If you like Cpanel, you’ve got it and there are tons of guides on how to set up alternatives to cPanel if it is not your preference.

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And I’ll put a vote in for ineedwebhosting.couk in the UK.
I’ve been using them now for over 10 years for more basic sites.
Not sure what they’d be like if you needed lots of bells and whistles, but the help is very good.

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Thanks all - really appreciate all your reply.

I will take a good look at them all.

A2 Hosting has been brilliant. I have used a few hosts over the last 20+ years, and A2 is at the top of my list. US Based, but better than anything local I have found.

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I joined up with Siteground.
I am not an experienced user… the only other one I’ve used, a long time ago, was iPage.

What I can say about Siteground is it’s fast and their customer support is first class.
I use the Chat option and the team are super helpful and knowledgeable.

The last 2 times I’ve been on I had a wait time of 2 minutes. When they are really busy (seems to be at weekend) the longest I was asked to wait was 28 minutes but they were on a lot quicker.

They did restrict the Chat to top-technical help at one stage as they were being “swamped” but it’s all back up and running again now.

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Yeah i spoke to a guy at sitegrounds live chat and to be fair, he was out of this world…the chat was quick, his answers were spot on and he wasn’t pushy.

I am looking at all the others above, but so far siteground is ticking boxes.

What package you go for?

I took the Growbig option - it was only $3 per month more than the start-up option and allows multiple websites (start-up is only 1).
I’ll review that at renewal because the difference in price becomes $10 per month… it’s quite a price hike at renewal time!

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I have all my sites hosted at ionos France. You need to be really careful with them, I think all 1and1 is pretty much the same (before I had 1and1 Spain)
Im not really checking my bank statement very often or the emails they send but a few weeks ago I realized I was been charged 12 Euros for something I never signed. Some kind of php membership on a domain that wasn’t even mine. I tried to get the money back and even threat them to leave but they pretty much told me to xxxx xxx…

Conclusion, Im still with them cause tried to move to another host and my rank dropped like crasy.
Try to check Hostens they got a pretty very cheap vps hosting and the sharing host is very cheap swell. Its quite ok.

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I forgot to mention that was another good thing about Siteground - I asked if I could pay using PayPal and they gave me a way to do that - paid for the year upfront, but no standing orders or subscriptions and (as far as I know!) the card details are only with PayPal.
It doesn’t indicate that on the site, the Chat rep set it up for me.

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This is what i got caught out with - but got 3 months refunded! i am totally fed up with 1and1’s scams and over charging.

I remember years ago when google chrome came out, they did a charge of £4.99 a month to be chrome compliant or something crazy and they worded it around being better for SEO, so i guess lots of people kept it - before it got stopped !!!
I saw this had gone out for 3 months and got my money back and then i remember reading on a blog that google forced them to stop this and they withdrew it.

Yeah the one thing with 1and1 is that they have been stable and never an issue with them apart from their price catch out scams!