My new Blocs 5 website with cool features!

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share with you my new website built with Blocs 5. It is still work in progress (when it comes to optimization, etc), but I am quite happy with how it turned out!



You really should.
Great work.

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Thanks to @Norm and awesome Blocs 5 features for inspiring us to create great websites!

Nice! Loads pretty fast on a phone. Have not tested on my Mac yet.

Since this is a sakes website…Is there a way to filter those designed for Blocs4 from those designed from Blocs5?

Hi Mark,

Yeah, it loads under 1 second for me on good wifi connection. Still, I haven’t optimised all images and settings to make it get 100 score on speed tests, which is quite easy to do in Blocs 5. I thought I might do a tutorial on how to do that in the process.

Yes, I could have used tabbed content bric or something like that to do that (like I did on this website), but I decided not to as all templates are converted to Blocs 5 format.

Great idea! Maybe one on accessibility using Blocs5 also?

I can use that tutorial to tweak the converted Blocs4->Blocs5 templates to fully take advantage of Blocs5. I used to be a pretty good webmaster and SEO was my thing. But now days I’m just too busy to mess with it all. Far easier to grab a template, tweak and publish.

Great suggestion, thanks!

I admit I haven’t really done any tutorials on that topic. Will put it on my ‘to do’ list for sure!

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Looks terrific Eldar.
You may want to consider doing this for a living! :laughing: :smile:

Rich the Weather Guy


Best design to display your work! Love it, loads in .5 seconds. It could be my 1GB connection speed. :smile:

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Thanks @KBConcepts
Yeah, Blocs 4/5 produces websites with amazingly fast loading times! It’s so fast out of the box, that I start to being lazy with optimizations :joy:

Thanks, Richard!
Looking forward to see what you are going to do to your website with Blocs 5 :+1:t2:

Looks very nice, though there aren’t any jpg fallbacks for the WebP images. I originally tried to view in Safari (13, yes I know I’m horribly outdated) and most images were missing, though the descriptions were there for most.

Can see it nicely on Firefox.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I know. I actually teach users to use JPG/PNG, and then enable ‘Generate in WebP’ to avoid issues like this, but for myself, I prefer to work with WebP format. Obviously, there is an issue with older systems/browsers, which I need to fix.

I wish it was be possible to automatically generate JPG fallbacks to WebP images (same way we can generate WebP images). I think I and some other users mentioned this to @Norm, but I am not sure if this is possible.


Great work @Eldar, love the style and feel of it all, very slick.

i’m looking forward to getting my teeth into some actual long term websites now and not just streaming ones with Blocs 5 !

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Thanks, @AdieJAM

Always loved your simple yet super beautiful websites! Looking forward to see what you create in the future! If you ever need any help, you know where to find me! :+1:t2:

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Gosh, what a beautiful website you have built. Eldar! Inspirational!

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Thanks, Simon! I am happy to hear you like it! :pray:t2:

That looks absolutely amazing!!! The scrolling makes it really pop out; almost 3D…

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Thanks @Mattheus!

It’s just the beginning of the big redesign of all of my sites and templates in Blocs 5! :+1:

Love your Melrose website redesign too! By the way, change the SEO title and description of this website, it appear to be missing right now!

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Ah, thanks for the advice. I have a few little things I need to do on the website. But I totally overlooked the SEO… (not my strongest thing I must admit)…

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