My New redesigned website!

Hi guys,

Just on the home straight off finishing my website, built it on another sub domain, then will move it onto my main domain. would love to hear some thoughts and feedback. Just mainly minor changes, a good check over and plenty of SEO work to do now. It is quite a large website compared to most with Blocs I guess, it has taken a while.

Existing Website:
Blocs Website:


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It’s definitely an improvement on your old site. I would make the phone number more prominent and clickable, so mobile users can call immediately without having to physically dial the number. I find the colour combinations a bit strong and would try to tone that down.


Thanks for the feedback!. I was unable to put the phone number into a sort of button (I can’t remember why). I don’t think it centred itself properly on a desktop browser.

I’ll bear the colour combinations in mind and try and more neutral colours where possible (i.e Nav Bar).


You don’t need a button. Just add a “navigate to url” link on the text number like this tel:+00448006906870.

Will try that. Thanks!

This is impressive.
I would suggest however that there is too much content on the first page.
Also the site does not seem to be optimized for cell phone viewing.

How is not optimised for cell phone viewing?

On my iPhone the site looks a miniature version of what it looks like on a desktop computer.
Rather than adjusting the layout for the device (responsive).

I’m not sure how else it can be displayed for mobile…

deleted post.

I agreed with your original post, well stated critique and suggestions.

As did I. I admire your honesty @pauland, you speak as you find, also only when you feel that critique is of a positive nature. We just need to understand it isn’t personal, it is intended as an aid for us from your perspective. We will not always agree, but hey that is all part of the fun if the creative process. Plus, wouldn’t it be boring if we always agreed lol.

I assumed Blocs created responsive websites.

Yes it was a good overview of web design.

I am grateful for the positive comments TomM1 and Blocs_User. I removed the post because I felt uncomfortable about it since the OP hadn’t made a comment.

What post?

The one I posted and then deleted. I’m willing to repost it, or email it if you wish.

It was rather critical of the new design. I had imagined you hadn’t been too happy with it and so had said nothing. It is not a “well-done, thumbs-up”. It was posted to that you and others can think about choices and whether they are good, bad or just arbitrary choices.

Despite what some may think I’m not the website policeman, but I’d like people to think about their choices, even if they disagree with my viewpoint.

Start a vanilla suggestion thread of points for people to consider, not directed at anyone or at any site, but generalized to all sites. If people wish to accept sound advice great, if not fine also, up to them. You could even use screen grabs of non Blocs sites with do’s and dont’s, case examples, the why’s and why not’s etc.

A never ending endeavor. function, form, usability, seo, etc., etc., :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Honestly that was really all that post was you posted here, with a few examples towards the OP’s site. But on a basic level they were all things everyone should take consideration to.

Indeed, but it’s far easier to consider a point with a specific example. It’s not always a comfortable position to be the wrong end of the criticism.

Much can be learned though, if a person is open and willing.

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