My website not showing in google searches

Since the lastest settings I made on my website (to have a preview when posting it which still doesn’t work) now when I google my name (valerie toumayan) my website is not suggested in the result! i don’t understand this blocs app, it’s not working properly, i have editing everything as it should be. writing description with my name on every pages, i have even hidden a description phrase on the home page so it shows in google but nothing…:sweat:

Firstly, How new is this site? Have you done anything to ask Google to crawl the site?

Secondly, it looks like all every page at is served in a <frameset> with content from

So technically there’s no content at for Google to crawl :man_shrugging:


Not sure how your redirect has been set up but on your main domain: all your fields are empty:

The domain is using a framed redirect. You really need to serve all the content actually on the domain.

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…then sign up for Google Analytics and verify the domain using Google Search Console

…also for example the Blocs home page although image rich has very little meaningful or semantic HTML text content that would help in a search. There’s no <h1> title text and all the static images also lack any useful ALT text.

Hi, thanks for your replies
yes my website is hosted on ilovesweden server. and it’s a redirection
but few month ago my showed up on google when researching my name…
i don’t understand why it’s not doing it anymore…

Not a pro to answer but I believe it’s because the menu isn’t responsible, font too small and because the website isn’t https or not loading a https on my side

how do i make it https? it’ true that the adress show, has nothing before the val3rie…
i did but some hiden text on the top left for google search

Search engine optimization is no simple one click solution. If requires knowledge and work.

It‘s hardly the tool‘s fault if you don’t know how to use it properly.

To get started, this Guide might help:

And maybe check what Google says about your page score. Lots of useful hints and information there:

It doesn’t look good, for a lot of reasons, few of them already noted by others in this thread.

Google’s algorithms are clever. Hidden text for SEO might have worked 20 or more years ago, but no more. But that time spamming keywords on a page worked too. Nowadays that‘ll rather give you minus points :sweat_smile:

Read about SEO, semantic HTML and … well, that’s a good start at least.

And to repeat @Davedesigner’s important statement:

ok, sounds quite complicated to me…i’m really a beginner in web thing…

Thanks for this, though it’s nonsense to me, i don’t understand a thing lol

That’s why people pay professionals to do exactly that :wink:

yes, i’d love to hire someone to fix this for me, i think that’s the only solution!

I noticed that your site that is on a subdomain at is already a Blocs site. For start you could download all files and folders with an FTP app and upload them to your domain.

Or, if you have the Blocs file, you could just upload it to your new domain / webspace. That might still leave some / a lot of work to do, but it’d be a good start.

i only have one domaine the ilovesweden
but my website showed up in google before…i think it’s since i have tried to fix the social card part and adding the hiden text… that’s the only correction i have made recently

Just to add if all the content on has already been crawled by Google then seeing as the content at is duplicated content (and served in as frameset) I would expect Google to totally ignore and not list that at all.

Ideally you’d need to make the primary domain on your hosting then add a 301 redirect in a .htaccess file from the to to fix things.

Talk to your hosting company they should be able to sort this for you.

the thing is if i need to have new domain i’ll have to pay for a second subscription…

You’ve already got the second domain ? Do you mean your hosting package want allow for two domains and you’d need a another hosting package?