Need a better Lightbox...a real one

I’ve posted this request before but here it is again for you bric builders…make a real lightbox…

Note how clicking on the thumbnails changes out the main image without losing focus or having to click it closed, etc. just way better UI/UX. It’s essential for selling products or many other things.

OH, Ok.

You don’t mean a Lightbox - you want a custom image switcher. Lightboxes open up above everything else and sounds like you don’t want to have to close it. :wink:


I might try giving this a whirl next week if everyone posts here & says they’ll buy



Not really custom except in Blocs perhaps. They are quite commonly used. In most other professional apps and certainly in professional photography the term “lightbox” comes from the old days of analog photography.
A lightbox was just that. You set out all your negatives and or transparencies on a large backlit “box” so you and your client could see all the images for sorting and choosing.
A real digital light box is just thst. It minimizes clicking other than what draws your attention to view as in the llbean case. These days the term has been so misused it’s come to mean many things. Sliders, carousels, galleries…etc.
Been doing this for 45 years probably older than most of the forum people spare a few. I love New better technologies …lots of new comers to this web design app world. Adobe just through their hands in the air and dropped Muse and no big changes in Dreamweaver. Wordpress is king right now. Much like the war between Apple and PC’s were in the 1980’s and 90’s. 98% of the market became PC. Apple regained some of thst back. I went to high school with Steve J …bought one of their first computers for my office even though one of my clients was Wang Computers…a large firm at the time.
We had a row of “light boxes” …for our rather large ad agency…I would welcome most enthusiastically a real light box like llbean and thousands of other businesses need for thier websites.

Also if it works…I will buy even if I’m the only one…how many do you need to sell to make it worth your effort.


You can always also implement any 3rd party plugin that you desire.

As one example I remember Andy @apswoodwork, whom is not a web person but instead a talented woodworker who created and manages his own site to showcase his woodwork creations. He implemented JuiceBox for his gallery pages.

You can also search about via Google and find many plugins, libraries, which implement the use of thumbnails like your L.L.Bean example. Thumbnail based sliders, galleries, etc., abound as open-source libraries and plugins with many alternatives and options available.

Maybe not as easy as using a prebuilt Bric for some, but certainly doable in Blocs via the:

Like Andy’s above example demonstrates.

Blocs 3 may also make it easier to implement plugins and libraries, etc.,

I think because a bric like this would be so useful and standard…including proven better usability it should be either native or available as a Blocs bric.

If Bill builds it I’ll buy it.

I’m up for it if Bill is.

Am I the only one finding the link at the top of the page doesn’t work? It leads to an error message with an invite to visit the home page, so I’m not entirely sure what is being requested here.


Just go to look at any product page …they all use the product lightbox I describe. I’m more of a business marketing consultant. I have been involved with hundreds of companies improving their bottom line. This includes UI/UX, click through, analytics etc.
a digital lightbox is common.
These are all companies I consulted for at one time or another.

Ok, I’ll see what I can create next week. But please talk to everyone and get them to buy - It really is important for us devs to have sales.


@HMM That’s not a lightbox. It is a unique page for each item which you can create now in Blocs.

It’s one light-box and one page. All images remain in and on the same page. You never open or leave it.

I’d like to see a website built with Blocs with this in use. Something simple…a drag and drop entire widget.

On the Llbean site you mentioned as an example, the first product on this page at links to this page at which is a distinct and different page.

Its far better to use a different page as you have more control over the content and can give it a URL and SEO information.

To make myself more clear go to the photography website posted above.

If the llbean site example doesn’t make sense to you…
On the llbean site It’s the small thumbnail views to the left of the main product image of the same product not the new or different products below.

This is what I’m looking for in Blocs. My apologies if I didn’t make it more clear.

CLight box for dummies…they use to call it a swap image using behaviors…

A word press Divi

I was able to easily create this in websites ten years ago…I truly hope this becomes available for Blocs.

Don’t worry,

I’ve been working on it - found a bad bug & sent a report to Norm, so have to wait till he can get my bug patched and then I’ll get back on it.

Patience & faith - I’m always reading the threads :wink:


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Great…thanks a million Bill. I know it’s a small thing to some but it will be a big deal to me and a lot of photography and product oriented websites built with Blocs.
Thanks again for your help!