New Bric: DeSpam


Hi Everyone !

BricsDesign is Back & I Have Something for Your Forms

Announcing DeSpam

Provides spambot blocking functionality

DeSpam provides easy setup of modern spambot blocking capabilities for your Blocs email forms and a large selection of styling controls.

This bric provides essential form submittal protection and a great addition to your toolbox - I think you are going to like it :grinning:

  • Simple one-step drag & drop solution - stop forcing visitors to click on multiple images to submit a form
  • Works with the built-in form for easy setup
  • No messing with any secret keys
  • Full styling controls for all buttons
  • No more Google tracking what your site visitors are doing on the page - great for automatically complying w/ the various EU privacy laws as everything is on your site
  • Solution shape is random - thus the shape is never known & can’t be guessed
  • Provides UI animated prompts when an incorrect selection is made & resets to the proper solution shape
  • Provides additional ‘honeytrap’ protection from bots that attempt to submit
  • Works in Bootstrap 4 & 5 frameworks
  • Works in Blocs 4 & 5

Go to the DeSpam page to find out more.

Thanks & Keep Building w/ Blocs !



Thank you Bill :1st_place_medal:
This is a much needed feature. This is was no brainer purchase

Do you have a demo page?

It’s on my home page contact form - just put ‘test’ in name & I’ll ignore it :wink:


Hi @Bill , This looks brilliant !!! Thanks for your hard work!

i did look for a demo as @Jannis has mentioned, but I did actually see this bric this afternoon on your home page as was showing some friends your brics and there is no demo but I have seen its working on your home page! - now I have sent you an email testing how it works…my apologies.

One quick question - will there be an opportunity to add custom shapes/images/logos etc?..The shapes are fine - but just incase I have a a client that might want to do something a little different!

Thats what I have done twice!..sorry!

Hi, looks very useful, but I couldn’t get the test form to work on my iPad?

OK - had another go. I found on the Mac that you had to click the send button to get the DeSpam to work. So I went back to the iPad, and still couldn’t get it to work.

When I click on the appropriate image and try to drag it across, the whole page moves.


I want to keep this a simple as possible, there is a lot of php that defines those shapes & it would be a nightmare to try & insert other things & then you would loose all ability to style the interaction colors, so no I don’t think that’s a good idea. The styling should allow anyone to style all the colors to make it fit into your site’s color scheme.


Yes, I see that - it’s being caused by my site page having elements outside of the device width & I’ve now forced the overflow to not happen so the page should not move & you should be able to drag the shapes on mobile devices - but this has nothing to do with my bric.

Just be aware that on my site’s homepage, you will need to be patient when scrolling down on a mobile device, as it will probably ‘resist’ flicking for a few seconds until it settles down. You can always click ‘Contact’ to get down to the form, if you don’t have any patience :wink:


Hi Bill,
changing font in the side panel ends up with a Blocs crash.
This happens only with version 5.0.5-b2. All good with version 5.0.4.
MacOS 13.2RC.

Using your bric changes the page where the bric stays from html to php.
Is that correct and has it any side effects for the navigation on the Website and/or SEO?

Hi @Bootsie

  • I’ve sent some debug info to Norm, so we can figure out what needs to be done.
  • If I understand your questions correctly:
    Yes, the bric sets the page prefix to .php
    It should not effect the navigation or seo


Thank you Bill, waiting for the update.
Have nice weekend.

Does anybody had some luck with this bric?
Anybody using it?

Do you need verification for your Forms, look no further. This will help put an end to fake messages or request! No need for any API key. Love the Bric!
As far as I know DeSpam is the only bric available for Blocs.

Yes, what a necessary bric for Blocs

Hi all,

Just updated DeSpam to v1.1.1

A number of fixes and now supports placement in the global footer.




Hi Bill,
there’s no update in the extension manager.


I’ve seen this before - the manager is VERY SLOW - just open it up and leave it open & eventually it will show up.


It wasn’t always slow like this. It is something that only started a few weeks ago.