New bric - Owl Carousel


Today I’m introducing the Owl Carousel bric, based on the popular and widely used touch & drag and mobile friendly jQuery plugin.


I’ve made it as easy-to-use as possible, including the most relevant options and all available animations (over 70 in & out animations).

Product page:


Normal price is €15, purchase until Sunday July 22 23:59 CET and get it for just €12, no code needed.

Quick buy:

Have fun :grinning:

New bric - Swiper / Full page slider

Brilliant @Lucas, just what I needed. Well done!


Thanks @David if you have any issues or questions just let me know :face_with_monocle:


Lucas, that’s a cool bric. Are the list of classes for owl included when you purchase?



Hey @casey1823 sure all classes are listed in the manual here:


Lucas, it works really well in my first testing.
Couple of questions:
Is there any way to change to a different style Lightbox?
If you add more than one owl to the page can you give each Lightbox a different name?
And I was also wonder why you just can’t click on the thumbnails to add/change pictures?

I know I’m picky…nice job.


If I set the bric with full width and no padding, there is this white space on the bottom… How to remove that? HELP hehe


@casey1823 change the images via the sidebar, clicking on thumbs is not possible in custom brics API.

Lightbox is the default used in Blocs, I guess it’s Bootstrap and for sure you could customize the look of it, maybe Norm can help more on this one.

@mackyangeles I noticed this on a published page, but not in edit mode or previewing in browser. Disable the lazy loading of images when exporting the page seem to solve the issue.


Thanks, also is there any way to add a class to a image in the owl? (maybe drop shadow on image)


Same… white space is still there…


@casey1823 for the image class enter this in the Class Manager, keep spaces intact:
owl-carousel .owl-item img

@mackyangeles yes I see the small padding, maybe it’s related to the carousel styling cannot say for sure - disabling the dots and navigation buttons seem to minimize the space.


Hi Lucas, already uncheck it on toggle option. But still it’s there. Help me remove that.


@mackyangeles ok I’ll take s look and let you know.


Could you add the image class to the page that show the available classes for references.



Yes good idea, just added to the list :grinning:


Just boght and fiddled around for a couple of days now.

There seems to be a major bug as other galleries will not open and when clicking on the +on the picture nothing opens and all browsers stop scrolling.

JFYI, otherwise this bric looks nice. Hope that is fixed soon.

Just made a test and enabled Lightbox in Owl and it works all over.
BUT - I need the interaction URL , not lightbox for my slider, pictures should lead to other pages.


One more excellent plugin for Blocs!
Owl Carousel is amazing!

One of the things I like and admire in you work Lucas, is the simplicity.
Simplicity means a lot of talent, exploration and dedication.
Keep your awesome work for all that need products to improve the experience with Blocs and search for new solutions.


Thanks @Francisco appreciated :grinning:


Any chance that the conlict with lightbox galeries and scrolling if using owl´s caption will be solved soon?


Hi @pixelwork I’m not aware of any conflicts, please send me a description of your issue to and I’ll be happy to help.