New Bric: Page Lock


Hi Everyone !

BricsDesign is Back & I Have Something Secure for You !

Announcing Page Lock

Create secure pages on your site

Page Lock provides a modern way to set up secure pages on your Blocs site with login permissions for an unlimited number of site visitors. Can be used for site membership sites, control of document distribution, access to paid content or to limit access to in-progress site work.

This bric has been under development for 6 months, with a lot of complex back-end coding that everyone has been asking for, so I think you are going to like it :grinning:

  • Login either through a login button on direct clicking of a protected page in the navigation
  • Unlimited users/passwords
  • Full localization of all alerts and button text
  • Full styling controls for all buttons
  • Optional initial hiding of login button w/ keyboard toggle control if you don’t want the login button to be a distraction to normal site visitors
  • Cancel button on login page to redirect normal visitors back to a predefined page
  • Helper alerts during login to give proper feedback & guidance
  • Smooth login success animations

Demonstration Video
Watch the video to see it being setup.


Go to the Page Lock page to see it in action.

Keep Building w/ Blocs !

P.S. (A Big Thank You to all who have purchased & will purchase this very useful bric !)



Just sent you and email with an issue downloading the bric after payment.

Yup, working on it - just waiting for some more info to figure out what the problem is :wink:

Thank you all sorted, that’ll teach me to try and do things on an iphone that should have been done on the Mac… my own fault. but thank you for sorting it out. i shall now have a play with this.

Nice work Bill! :smile: This feature Bric is one we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to get it to us. I didn’t have a second thought about purchasing this.

Hi @Bill

I have watched the video, and I have a question. What’s the process to add or remove users and/or change passwords. Do you have to modify in blocs and upload again and setup the page?


Hi @PeteSharp

If you want to add or remove users or edit passwords, then yes, you do the editing in Blocs, publish & export the page you designate for setting up users and click the ‘Setup Users’ button & then the ‘Setup This Page’ button on that page. You will have to export & visit any other Private page that is listed in the Access inputs, as those will need the ‘Setup This Page’ button clicked as well.

Hopefully, that makes sense.


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Thanks. So each private page will need to be revisited and setup too.

@PeteSharp Yes, any other Private page will need to be revisited. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that’s required when you click those buttons - but as you saw, it’s takes about 5secs a page to do it - easy peasy.

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Great Bric! Does it work even with wordpress websites?

To be fair you don’t need this Bric when working in WordPress.
You can simply set the visibility of the page/post to “password protected”, or you could use a plugin like Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions – WordPress plugin | to take more control over access.

@Bill congrats on the great addition to the Blocs ecosystem!

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Hi Bill:

This is very welcome and very nice indeed.
Don’t need it at the moment, but now that this is available I may have to rethink what I provide and how I want to provide that content.

Thanks for creating this great Bric! We needed this in the Blocs World…

Rich the Weather Guy

@odd1 Hi, I’ve never tried it on a wordpress site, Page Lock is like a wrapper for a page that let’s in a user that’s already logged in or redirects to a login page, so yes in theory, it has a good chance of working.

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Hi @Bill

Great Bric! - just had time to look at the demo etc and test it.

I do a lot of websites where I need pages locked, I do tend to use SiteLok as Adrian has always been just the best support I could ever ask for - so I do support him.

But there are times when I have a client who wants a quick page lock - and if its nothing too fancy required, I do this from my host. Now I would like to look at other options too. If possible I have done some questions and if your able to answer that will be great.

  1. On the demo you have the login and logout as a floating Tab - can this be removed and I just create a link to login on the home page or a page for login, and then on the page it points to - this shows a simple logout text?

  2. I would like fully style the login form boxes, I am guessing from the notes that this is possible, can make the box square or take it away and change colour/font etc.

  3. Where it says User and Password to fill it, can I put my own text here? (some companies I deal with might want something different put in here like for a product launch it could be something relevant to the launch to get people in.

  4. If I have a password and they want to change it quickly, is this a quick process - how do I go about doing that (as in removing the old one and replacing with another?

  5. I see depending on what username and password is put in - this can direct too to certain pages. How many diverts can be set up?..example - I will have 6 live stream webpages and 6 different logins will get you to 6 different streams…will this be able to cope?

  6. And finally !!! - I am guessing there is no collaboration of any data? if my client wants figures on how many people have logged on to say watch a live stream, there is no way I can count this from this platform?

Thanks Bill. (sorry for all the questions !)

Hi @AdieJAM

  1. Yes, you can just set up a page in the regular navigation & when clicked, it will redirect to login page.

  2. Here’s the controls I have at the moment for the login page. Everything is editable using some custom css, if you need to.

  3. Yes, see the prev. screenshot.

  4. Inside Blocs, on the page that you have the login credentials, just change them & republish the page & visit the page & hit setup the users & setup this page button - it should take you all of 30seconds

  5. Each user has an access input so you can redirect to separate pages, thus you could in theory have unlimited redirections, although that could get a bit tedious :wink:

  6. No login counts at this time - I had to draw the line somewhere to keep this at a reasonable price :wink:

Tell all your Blocs friends to buy this - I came back to Blocs to give you guys really powerful stuff, but there has to be steady sales to make it all work :grin:



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Please keep making new Bric’s Bill!!

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Brilliant - thank you so much.

Hi @Bill thanks for your replies, another 2 questions ! - sorry, when you say user - It is ok to have one login and send this to say 2,000 for an event / product launch and all 2,000 can access from that one login…its not a one user entry is it?


Is this something could be worked in? not sure how hard a job it is, but I am guessing its a pretty big one as would need some form of back end login - as only myself as Admin will need to see and not the users - not problem if it wont ever, just to I know for when I buy.

@AdieJAM If you would like to just set up one user/password for all of them to use, then sure that will work in a pinch.

No login counts at this time - unless of course you would like to pay more.


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Brilliant - thank you