New bric: Player



I’m very happy to introduce today Player for Blocs.

Player is a responsive audio & video player with optional playlist and extensive list of colour options.

More info at the product page:


Buy now:

Music player, online store and problem with bric placement!

I just bought the damn thing.
Works great, looks great. Great.


… but:
it seems to be impossible to have 2 players on the same page.


Yep one player for page, with support for unlimited number of tracks.


that‘s a problem, I need 3 players on one page:


It certainly is.
If I’d knew this I would not have bought it.


I’ll consider adding this feature for a future release :wink:


Future means … ?


I’ll work on it and let you know :grinning:


In most of the cases one player should be ok. Great work! I will buy it when more players on one site are possible.


Well said :smile:


Since it’s based upon the FREE jPlayer, multiple instances are already part of the jPlayer options:

Multiple Audio -
Multiple Video -

So it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, since its part of the API already. :wink:


This is great along with the swiper…Can I ask, does anyone think though that possibly these were things that should have been added in Bloc already without additional outside coders?

Great work though…


I came across this Swiper, which is free, and wondered if it might also be good for people who are a little cash strapped…


I’ve bought two of Lucas’ plugins already and will add this one too. As soon as you open up to the community you tap into an enormously rich environment for development. I edit with FCPX and Apple are encouraging developers to provide plug ins to provide additional capabilities (like exporting to pro tools and cross platform support) plus there’s a thriving market in selling themes, effects and titles to enhance what comes with the software. I think it’s absolutely the right way to go - concentrate on the nuts and bolts of the platform and then see what other people can contribute.


Yes, I agree. I work in the music industry so alternative plugs have been with us a long time. But I wonder if also some of these features which are slowly creeping into packages for design, are perhaps also more sensible within Bloc. For instance, if Norm doesn’t do these things, then licence them into the main package. I would think swiper won’t take long to become very standard within systems similar to Bloc because demand and supply outweighs redevelopment of obtainable code that is free for most who are familiar with code.

In other words, these things are going to become very quickly common for web design, which is slightly different to 3rd party programmers I have worked with who create apps or plugs that are not created by the main DAW’s for instance…


I agree with you…to use an old euphemism…unfortunately, I think we are “beating a dead horse” here. I think standard faire tools should be included and more botique or fancier ones left for third party builders to develop and sell. Nice to see I’m not the only one that has mentioned this.

What happens as you probably know…

You walk into a store and don’t see what you want. You never tell the store owner. You just walk out. They never know. Their competitors respond and provide a really great product or solution…they see the vulnerability and exploit it. Where do you go? Another store. There are literally thousands of potential users out there for this app.

Ive been in business for 45 plus years. Run many c9mpanies. Advise major firms to this day. If there was one thing I’ve kearned about smart business people, they know people who appear to be “complaining” are the people who actually care and are the ones to listen to sometimes. They are taking the time to give you feedback. It’s easy for them to move on but they often feel like they too have an investment.

But just like telling a friend…you are telling them there’s a problem here on my end I thought you might like to know about it. Responding and taking action is the hard part. It will certainly boost the customer base and the word will spread. :grinning::+1:


Multiple players is almost ready :grinning:


You can’t expect to get this quality of work included with a web creation tool such as Blocs. Not a reflection on Norms ability but just a recognition of the additional work and ongoing support and enhancement needed.

Also, many Blocs users will never use a music player function so to devote time to add this to the core Blocs means that something else drops off the list.

I strongly believe that Blocs should provide the structure and foundations of the web building process and 3rd party developers create the best there is, type of solutions for those users who demand it. This is at the core of a thriving eco system that will be around in the future.


Very good news.
I’ve implemented the player on one page and it really works fine and looks very good.

I added a class to the player with special background image & color and even Box shadow… Great.
But couldn’t change the text for the playlist.
Any ideas?