New bric: Player


Well said Gary @webdeersign

@Bootsie glad you’re enjoying Player.
As for the text do yo mean the tracks names? If so I cannot reproduce an error here, otherwise point me to where you’re finding an issue.


Gary, I completely agree with you. A player function is not a vital part of a web creation tool. To deliver such a bric to the Blocs community and to support it over the lifecycle is not done in a few minutes of hours. It’s well worth to get paid as an extra service. So I will go and get one from Lucas :rofl:


Yes I mean the track names.
I’m not saying it’s an error.
What I mean is, when I try to change the size or font in the class I made for the player, it just don’t work.


@Bootsie All fonts in the bric will inherit the page settings. In case you wish to make specific changes I’ve added the related classes to the manual:



“jp-playlist-item” is what I needed.
You can change the font and size, But the color has to be changed in the side panel for the player. That’s OK with me.
Thanks a lot Lucas.


Yes, thats a valid point, but not a closing one. And we need to be really clear here between appreciating Lucas and his time and work, and my opinion of what can be added to Bloc and my initial discussion:

There are also many who will want music and will also want a player. Even if just a basic one. Back in the days of Dreamweaver and Flash this was included. I am not a coder so forgive me here, but the basic function to link to files to play, with volume control for many coders is not that difficult from my experience of friends who are coders. And for Norm, well, just look at what he created! So I imagine, along with a Swiper, this is not at all complex for him.

To add a link and upload mp3’s is and has been basic for many years in many website software. I only mention clearly that with many users who are in music or media using Bloc, a player is a great addition.

But of course, respect to Lucas for doing his one, and I hope it is successful for him and for the time he puts in.



I think it depends entirely on your perspective of what is “vital”.



Excellent work Lucas!!


Yes, you are right. If I was in the music industry this could also be vital for me :grinning:


I totally agree with this and that’s how Blocs has become what it is today. I spend a lot of time listening to the community, if you use Blocs v1 you would see how user feedback has shaped the app in a multitude of ways.

What would Wordpress, Shopify, Sketch, Photoshop, Tumblr, etc, etc be without 3rd party contribution. The answer, probably out of business (a long time ago).

The API takes Blocs to a new place, beyond what it would ever be if a single company were responsible for its development. It’s a new time for the app that allows others to invest in it to help the community and add features to Blocs in new ways that I either haven’t got round to yet or don’t intent to or literally didn’t even consider.

Regarding Swiper, Blocs offers a build in carousel, what @Lucas has spent his time working on is a more advanced option. The same for the music player, Blocs will get a built in option to play music later this year, but it will be a simple html5 vanilla implementation that does the basic job.

So see it like this, Blocs will offer the basic tools, but there are times when you will want somthing more advanced or not yet available, this is when you have the option to create your own with Bric Builder or save some time and use a Bric someone else spent time making for you. Before the API, you literally didn’t have an option.

We all have our own requirements for a site, in lots of cases, all different. But the API is a good thing for the future of Blocs, why? Because the future of Blocs is no longer solely reliant on a single source.


In addition to @Lucas who does a great job, thanks also to other colleagues from the Blocs community, who also collaborate with their Brics to the growth of Blocs, such as: @Bill , @InStacks, and others who do not remember their name at this moment .

Thanks to everyone who makes Blocs great!


You see Norm, this is where we have got confused with my initial point. I never said anywhere that I do or do not agree with outside participation. I never said also that it is good or bad. I asked peoples opinion, and in return I feel I am now having to justify my right to ask if these things could or should be put in. This isn’t about liking or not what Lucas is creating, far from it.

I would really have hoped people could read that as it is clear to see.


Thanks, Juerg. :joy:


I was just responding to @HMM points about listening to users and then tried to explain why the API is good and also point out that just because a feature doesn’t exist now doesn’t mean it wont in the future. It wasn’t addressed at anyone in particular, more my thoughts around the subject.

Sorry you feel that way, its obviously not my intention. I encourage everyone to say how they feel about Blocs good and bad, I search for the positive everything.


Any news on the update?


The update is ready, I’ll probably release it in a couple of days.


Keep on.


Just bought it.


@Lucas What about the update?


Later today :grinning: