New Swiper V3

Where do I set that in Swiper?

Anybody else able to download 3.0.2? It doesn’t appear for me in the extension manager as an option.

Look forward to testing it out with this next update to my employer’s website

I haven’t got the Bric. But I would assume there is a height field there somewhere. :grinning:

Yep it’s at Layout > Height. It accepts both px and vh. For example a full page slider will require 100vh

I’m afraid it’s something related to the encryption Blocs is applying to the update URL: as I paste the same URL and it gets newly encrypted then the update works. I don’t know if I have to apply the URL (which is the same) each time I make an update or if it inherits from the previous version as it should, will have to ask Norm about that.

So for the time being I’ll make a new version with the newly copied / pasted / encrypted URL and you can download from Cartloom.

Just released version 3.0.3 fixing the update URL, it’s on Cartloom so your may use the same download link from your purchase or go to

Added a quick video for this version:


Very Cool, thank you for taking the time to make this informative video.

How do we control the width. like if we needed a specific size slider?

Just a stupid question…

Are these sliders device responsive?
Work the same on any device?


Rich the Weather Guy

The width is always 100% in order to make the images and slides responsive and nice on all devices.

@Lucas, Can Swiper 3 be used in a Modal or several times on one page?

Sure Swiper is fully responsive. In fact Swiper has being developed as a mobile touch device.

Yep it can be used on a modal and many times on a page, just like the example on the demo page. I’ll add an example in a modal asap.

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Brilliant Bric!

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Thanks @KBConcepts!
Just added another example on the demo with the slider inside a modal :wink:

Here ?

At the demo page, the slider into a modal:

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Image not adjust to the 4 breakpoints. Trying to get the hero or poster size to act responsively. @Lucas, please reply back with a solution.

Images sizes I tried in Swiper 3, and none of them worked.
2550 X 3216px
1280 X 1544px
992 X 1200px
768 X 988px
576 X 741px

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Hey @KBConcepts yep I see the issue and I’ll try to include breakpoints options in the next update.

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