New template for real estate websites

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share a new simple template for real estate websites I have build last week.

Link to the demo
Learn more details

It doesn’t include a complex filtering system, typically seen in a real estate websites (because it is not something you can natively build in Blocs), but I think it has most of the elements of the real estate website.

I have also put together a simple video showing some of the elements of this template.



Very nice done @Eldar , my compliments, I also like the idea of the small sub menu and scrolling to target. Good job!!!

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as for myself I’m not using any templates BUT I bought your tutorials and I appreciate your hard work a lot. so on this way: thank you! you are doing an amazing job to help us all! :v:

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Thank you @sandy and @michaelokraj
I will continue to do my best to help as many Blocs users as possible! :slight_smile:

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Perfect. It looks really professional and cool. Thanks Eldar.

Thank you, Ralf!

I am a big fan of your designs as well!

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Eldar very nice real estate template. One of the best I’ve seen for this. I’m just not sure how you would implement this, most real estate listings are now data driven. There are some that have Wordpress plugins but Blocs could be a challenge. It would be impossible to manually update the clients listings as they change daily.

I still love the design of this new one.


Hey @casey1823,

I agree that most of the real estate websites require some kind of database, which is not possible to do with Blocs, but since I was getting a lot of requests to make this kind of design, I did my best to make the closest thing you can archive in Blocs. I could, in theory, build a much complex filters and listing management system manually, but it will require too much work to manage in the future.

In any case, thanks for our kind words!


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Nice template. Don’t like the combination of two fonts. But thats my opinion :smiley: Not a big fan of font mixing :smiley:

My question is: How did you manage that after clicking on Read more the link disappear?


can you provide me the template? I won’t use it for using as a template but just look at how it was built?

This is a really good template for small real estate type applications such as student rental and holiday homes where the number of properties are low (2 to 8) and don’t change in number.

What would make it a killer template would be a simple CMS solution already configured to allow simple basic editing of property availability and monthly rental.

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I usually use something like Lato on most of my Blocs websites. But I wanted to choose something different this time :slight_smile: I don’t like to mix the fonts, but sometimes one heading font can be helpful too.

To make a read more link disappear, give it an ID and include this ID in the toggle visibility action this link activates. So, when you click on it, it will not only show the more text, but also hide the link itself.



If you want to take a look at behind the scenes of this template, check out the video I have posted above.


Hi Gary,

Thank you for your kind words!
I agree that including a better system for managing the listings with CMS will be great. I am thinking about trying out Pulse CMS or October CMS with Blocs for some time now, so maybe I could experiment with this template.

Thanks for the feedback!


I saw the video in detail thank you. can please you just share that area as a blocsapp file?


Sorry, but I can’t do that, because a lot of users purchase templates for the same reason, and it would be unethical of me to share it with you for free.

At the same time, I can explain everything you want to know, so just ask what part of this template is interesting to you, and I will do my best to help.


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Very impressive template, clean and super user friendly UI.
I agree, that for bigger database a CMS integration is useful, but if one has to cope with a local small enterprise (and if only one language), it is easy to maintain with some update efforts.

The filter integration is very impressing.
Can this be done with Blocs?
I guess, this was a major work…
Quiet interested in how to achieve this with Blocs tools.

Hey Karl,

Thanks for the compliments!

Updating this template is actually quite easy. Most of the time you just use the Duplicate feature in Blocs and replace some text with images.

As for filter, you can create it in Blocs using the visibility feature. I actually show how it’s done in the video above, so if you haven’t already, take a look at it. It is very easy to create it in Blocs.


Thanks for the quick reply Eldar,
Yes, I think that updating is quiet easy - I work on a similar project with Blocs…
The use of toggle visabilty as filter is quiet clever, but in my case I would appreciate a tag oriented solution and hopefuly in blocs 3 with accordeon and tabs.

Anyhow, allways nice to see something new from you - Great stuff :+1:

Oh, I remember your site! Quite a project you have got there! Very impressive!
I agree that tag oriented solution with accordion and tabs would be perfect, maybe someday. :slight_smile:

Anyway! I am glad you find something new from this template! Good luck with your projects!