New to Pulse (porting Blocs to Pulse)


I just purchased pulse recently and I am finding it very difficult to port website designed from blocs to Pulse CMS.
I can not run the pulsecms installer. I have watched all the tutorial videos and followed the step by step but still cant seem to port a blocs template and even access admin panel.

So far, I have exported the blocs website project as template, replaced the 'contents folder and ‘template folder’ from blocs in replace of pulse 5 contents and template folder.

Tried to run the pulsecms installer, received an error message:

I would like to know how blocs users have successfully port their website to pulse, Kindly give a step by step especially when using an ftp to transfer (what assets do you transfer to the server and what you do afterwards).

Thanks in advance.

PS: tried getting information from PULSE forums and no help so far, figured i would ask fellow blocs users.


Seems you have been helped there, so we can close this here?


It has not been resolved as I have not received any response in days. Hence, coming to blocs forum



Pulse was recently updated and we are still workflow by on the export to pulse 5. It’s almost ready.

I’m not 100% sure if the current version is compatible.


Hello Norm,

So for now, do I have to use pulse 4?

Also kindly let me know if I went about it the right way as far as exporting to pulse

So far, I have exported the blocs website project as template, replaced the 'contents folder and ‘template folder’ from blocs in replace of pulse 5 contents and template folder.

Is it the right way of porting to pulse?


Export > pulse template


so the problem is blocs not compatible with pulse5.
I just downloaded pulse 4, works well.
When do you think blocs will be ready for pulse5?


Hopefully a couple of weeks. It’s next on my todo for 2.5 which is currently in beta.


Looking forward to it then.


Will it be backwards compatible to Pulse 4. I have only one website, so Pulse 5 is not for me.


Im hoping to add a new export feature for pulse 5.


Hey @Norm and @pulsecms ,
I have been using blocs with pulse 4 for my websites a while and I’m about to redesign some of them and was going with pulse 5 for the new settings with multi blog etc.
I don’t want to start before blocs is compatible with the new pulse 5 since building without blocs is not an option for me. Is the compatibility still in the workings or is it ready to use, haven’t been able to find any information on this.



Hey Norm,

Any update on blocs compatibility on pulse 5?


Yes it’s coming in the next few weeks.


This has now been released @kwakukwaku + @jdpr :

Wahoo! :slight_smile:


@Norm: I have a suggestion. I don’t use pulse, but I think this pulse compatibility issue could easily be avoided if export options were labelled with the supported pulse version. So exporting would be for “Pulse 5.x” or “Pulse 4.x” rather than a generic export for Pulse.

There’s also the question of supporting for multiple pulse versions if there are version incompatibilities. Without that you would be forcing people to not updte blocsapp or to have to update their Pulse version.

I hope the Pulse developers warns you ahead of their new releases, so there are no surprises.

I guess this idea follows for other CMS support too.


agreed…compatibility issues makes it a pain


Not sure of any issues @pauland but you can already export either Pulse5 or Pulse4 from the export menu in 2.5.1 BETA3:

And yes - we have good communications / team work with Blocs app :slight_smile: