Number list


What is the best way to create a number list i Blocs?

Just a simple list with bullets

Hi @Slefen

You can use the Code Widget bric and add for instance the following code inside of it:

<ol type="1">
 <li>Your text</li>
 <li>Your text</li>
 <li>Your text</li>
  1. Your text
  2. Your text
  3. Your text

Previously provided in this forum by @MartinC a useful ressource:



Have you thought of using the list bric in Blocs 3? You can then add paragraph brics inside and style as you please.


Thanks! I used the list bric and added a background image for the bullet. It worked perfectly!


In Blocs 3.3 you can now set the list style to ordered which will give you the numbers. Beta for 3.3 will start later this week.


You can also try the Markdown Bric, which provides for ordered lists with the step of using Markdown in the editor, but which gets rendered in the browser following Markdown syntax.