Parallax issues

Something strange is happening with parallax…

Parallax is working when building my site.
Parallax is not working in browser preview (Safari).

Parallax is working on my published site on Firefox.
Parallax is not working on my published site on Safari and Chrome.

Any ideas?


Website here…

It’s working here on Safari. No problem at all. A rogue extension perhaps or a cache issue?

Same here, parallax is working fine.

I’ve also checked in Safari and Chrome here, and everything works great. Nice site btw :+1:

Man that’s weird.

Just tried on a new iMac and I get the same as y’all. It all works.

So, I need to do something with my lovely 2016 MacBook. Not sure what though!!!

Thank you guys!

It’s obviously complete junk. Send it to me and save yourself the stress of owning such an unreliable machine :wink:


:joy::joy::joy: Smart move @Flashman

By the way @Ian, I am checking it on my 12 inch MacBook (2017). I don’t think it’s the MacBook what’s causing it.

Well, I’ve no idea what’s going on, I’ve re-installed macOS and no change, Firefox works and Chrome and Safari don’t.

Safari has KaBlock! installed, but it always has, and Chrome is straight out of the box.

As Toyah said, it’s a mystery!

I’m having the same issues, but it only started with the last update. Safari and Chrome preview issues - haven’t published a site yet.


PS your published site is working on my PC in Chrome Ian

Thanks Tom, when you say “update” do you mean Blocs or macOS?

Is your PC Windows or Mac? I only have Macs so I can’t check on Windows. Still not working on Chrome here, just Firefox :frowning:

Hi Ian,

I had been testing Blocs for a week, and when I put in the serial number last weekend it updated (not sure to what - still says 2.6.0) - this is on the latest macOS.

I just tried your site on my Windows 10 machine with Chrome this afternoon.

Will try re-installing Blocs and see what happens.


Hi again Ian,

Same thing with Blocs re-installed. Your site also doesn’t work properly with Safari or Chrome on my MBP, but it does work (and I can also preview Parallax) with Firefox.

Safari is version 11.1.1 (13605.2.8)


Thanks Tom, we have the same problem, so not just me!

I’ll ask @Norm

Works perfectly for me on Safari and I see no errors or warnings.

It’s way too early to be reinstalling MacOS or Blocs. This is a Safari issue on your system using your internet provider. Safari is the new Internet Explorer - full of issues and odd behaviour. The important thing is that others can see it OK.

I find Safari is really bad at caching previous pages and can be difficult for those updating their site to see what others see perfectly well.

The thing is, if two people are having the same issue on a small forum like this, how many more will?

And if parallax doesn’t work when I preview the site on Safari (as mentioned previously), what’s it got to do with my internet provider?

Parallax can consume a lot of browser power and is usually disabled by mobile and tablet devices which may not have spare battery power or mobile broadband to cope with it. I believe this is a browser/OS decision. So for example, if your internet provider is throttling back or your Wi Fi is busy coping with too much Wi-Fi traffic, your browser might not show the parallax effect.

The main thing is that when parallax is disabled, that your image is still visible as a static image.

It is for this reason that I never use parallax effects because you can never really be sure what users will see and I don’t like jumpy parallax effects. Ironically, yours looks buttery smooth to me on my system with a fast Wi-Fi in Safari but is visibly slow to fully load. On my iPhone there is no parallax effect as expected but I think it looks just as good.

Your issue could be that you just have too many images which will also strain any browser. Your site is very image heavy and all of your images add up to 2.6Mb when zipped up, which I would say is far too much. With so many images, loading on a slow mobile data mobile could be so long that the user gives up waiting.

Thanks, but iOS is not an issue as it’s never worked on that for the reasons you state.

But when it’s worked perfectly fine on all my Macs and all my browsers for a year or more (and we have very fast fibre broadband here) and then it suddenly stops, there needs to be a reason.

And as previously stated several times, it fails to work on BROWSER PREVIEW which doesn’t use wifi at all!

I don’t get your mobile data comment, as in practice it’s never been an issue anywhere I’ve been, 3G or 4G.

Your browser and OS security have changed due to multiple updates. That could be the reason. If you are running High Sierra then don’t forget that you are running the most buggy version of OSX and most buggy Safari that Apple ever created.

My comment was a general one about a site with 2.6Mb of images can take too long on a mobile that has a poor connection. It doesn’t matter whether its 3g or 4g if the connection is so so bad that a site with 2.6Mb takes a long time to load up.

Also a good web design rule is never to have more than 1 animation per page. A parallax image is considered one animation. So maybe the large number of images and all of the animation is just too much for some systems.

The trouble is it’s not working with one image - if I create a quick site with one parallex image, it displays properly in the editor, but doesn’t preview in Safari or Chrome, only Firefox.

It was working last week, and I don’t think there have been any other updates apart from Blocs.

The Blocs site itself works fine in everything btw!



Ironically for me it works fine on all the parallax images in Blocs, just not in preview or live on Safari.


I’ve been using High Sierra since it was launched with no issues at all. Till a week ago. But that could be caused by macOS or Blocs, I can’t tell which. (Not sure when the problems actually started as I’ve been on holiday in the USA for the last two months - ironically, in the High Sierra).