Password protect

Hi, I read a lot of password protected sites … but not a solution for it. Is it possible to do a download area for clients ? Really simple. One password , no email address like a hidden page or something. I will do a page for an musician, and people how want to book him can go to this area and download some text for the press or so …
Any one have an idea ?
Thanks a lot
Tom maybe?

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Not very safe though…

Why would you need to protect that information?

You can protect directories with a single password using your host server settings and put pages on the protected directory.

Thanks for your answers. I don’t know why, but the client want to have it. I think some pictures and text are only for the people how will booking the musician. And than they can use the pictures and so on for flyers and other things … good idea from both, but I am not good with js and codeing …
I have to check the server :slight_smile:

Just create a directory that is not linked to the website directly (ie no link to the directory).

When someone wants to book the client they just need to supply a link to it. You can have a mini-website hosted there with links to the assets.

@tom2, You might find this discussed approach helpful for your requirements.