Personal website/Digital playground

Hello people,

Been working on my personal website for a couple of months now, finally have something substantial to show. Check it out at:

It is ever evolving, so let me know your thoughts and suggestions!


Its clean, well crafted and with some good touches. I personally would add some color to create more reading levels

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Yep, nice.
I’ll echo what @chicuelo has mentioned about adding a bit of colour, however, if the aim is to keep it very monochromatic, why not some headings or sub headings in a mid-grey?
It would give the page a bit of texture if not colour.
Good stuff though.

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Very nice work, looks and works great. Congratulations!

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A monochrome pallete will work too, but he still has to improve hierarchy between sections to difference them, darker sections or with different layouts will help

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I love that opening hero.
Nicely done.

Tell me, is there a purpose to your site?
Are you selling…yourself? Is that the goal?
Just wondering, I can be a bit dense, but it seems like a website resume of sorts?

Hopefully, there is no proprietary financial info up there.

Maybe I am being a bit critical, others could agree or not, just a bit difficult to understand why I’d want to visit your site?

probably just me…

Nice work,


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Hi Harshit,

Experience – spelling of “user-centric”

Delivery – spelling of “development” and “usability”.

Looks good!

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I REALLY like it… …because it’s a bit quirky and not afraid of white space.

My only problem I have is that so many links take you out of the main site.

Good job.

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Hey Nico,
Thanks for the suggestion, however I didn’t understand what you mean by reading levels. Can you explain?

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Thanks for the feedback. I agree with Nico as well, all my sections are similarly structured in terms of layout. Also will try out different grey levels as you said!

Thanks Alberto.

Thanks Rich, a lot of time went into designing that hero section, haha.

Sorry, I guess I should have given more context about this website. So I am a recent graduate in Design and was looking to build my online portfolio, to showcase what I do. Initially it was to sell myself to clients/recruiters as a proof of work.

But now this is kind of like my ‘Digital Playground’ where I just try out different things and at the same time maintain my design portfolio. So yes this is kind of like my ‘website resume/portfolio’

And don’t worry, all the data on the website is mock.

So mostly, people in my industry would want to visit this website to see who I am, and what I do.

A lot of things, such as the ‘GET IN TOUCH’ are still incomplete, and I agree it is all over the place right now. Hopefully over time it gets more concrete as to what this website is.

OMG how could I miss those out.
Thanks, I’ll update them.

Thanks a lot Paul,

Yes I agree about having loads of external links, maybe I can have modals open with iframes inside to load that webpage? what do you say?

The Hero is great, but it becomes misaligned on the two small break points, could be fixed easily, I imagine.


Thanks harshibeni. I think you site in on the right track to accomplish your expectation.


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I mean you have different levels of information in a message, a site is usually divided by sections and each section has a unique and specific function so depending on what are you telling you might show it in certain way in order to pop out more. Or just to change the visual rhythm keeping the user attention.

Of course it does not need to be every time like this. You could suggest a opposite behavior. It always deppend on what you are pretending the user experiments

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My only comment would be about the navigation not being sticky always at the top. I’ve always thought that having to scroll back to the top looking for it is a user experience problem that can easily be fixed by making the nav bar sticky always and everywhere.
Other than that, love your site.

Yes it makes sense. Will try out different things with these.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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