Project settings, changing theme colors (GUI bug?)

In Project SettingsTypography, when changing default colors for Header 1, Header 2, Paragraph, Link etc. it seems like I have to go through and change them all, each and every one, for every breakpoint. So, changing color from black to white, I had to change it like fifty times … (Or do I?)

Even though I do change it for Object: All, I also have to change if for All for every breakpoint, and for all the Objects (header levels, paragraph, etc.) …

Am I missing something?

Or maybe it’s a GUI bug? If I change it for all to white:

… and then switch to a separate breakpoint or f.ex. Header 1, it shows as being set to black:

But previewing indicates it’s actually set to white:

… So maybe this is a bug, somehow?

You don’t have to change the font type at every breakpoint, since that can be inherited. In practice you can set that at LG and let the rest follow.

I am a bit pernickety about fonts, so I always set the font size using a rem value and the line size in em. This is done at each breakpoint to provide the best results.

As far as colours go, if you don’t touch them Blocs will automatically apply a colour based on the background, but most of us will want more control, so in that case I end up setting the colour at each breakpoint. If black is preselected I do find I need to set another colour, then manually back to black if I want it to stick.

In your case it looks like Blocs has seen the blue background and automatically selected white for the text colour to create contrast and that is generally a good thing for less experienced users. If you had manually set that to black it would have presented as black regardless of the background colour. In that case you would have to apply a custom class to that piece of text with your chosen colour.

I agree this could potentially be made easier, but it partly reflects the flexibility of Blocs being able to change the font type, colour, size and even text direct independently at each breakpoint. Once or twice I’ve found myself perplexed by certain issues and later found I was missing a decimal point, so 1.3 em was suddenly 13 em on mobile. You just have to be a bit careful.

You could make use of the ALL option, which would affect everything that follows if you want. For example, if you know that say 80% of your text will be of a certain type and size you can set those parameters in ALL and just override that where needed using the specific category settings that follow.

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Agreed that the actual behavior is nice. :slight_smile: But I guess there could/should be some visual cue as to when some setting/color is inherited? (When I select white for “All”/“LG”, it should be somehow visible in the GUI that white would be applied when I select other objects/breakpoints?)

If you see things like this that you find unintuitive it’s a good idea to make suggestions for improvement, particularly for workflow issues. You could add it in the thread for changes you would like to see in 2022 as a good starting point.

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