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How to move my templet library to a new blocs app?

hey guys, I got a new mac and so I bought the bloc’s app again and kept my old one just in case and now I need my template library on my new bloc’s app how can I export them, I realize this is a pro question so I’m changing all the pros to answer me :slight_smile:

Stay safe everyone.

Try going to your user library > application support > Blocs 3 > templates. Inside there you should find all the existing templates, which can be copied across to the other computer in same location. Restart Blocs and they should be there.

ok amazing ill try it and keep this post posted also I’m assuming that I can do the same for the fonts ? I have a bunch of google fonts added is there a way to move those as well ?

thanks again

Fonts and the rest, including preferences should work as well in theory. I once found it didn’t work with fonts for some reason after a clean install and never really discovered why but that was a long time ago and I just reinstalled them normally. I am also using Blocs on two computers now following a recent change and trying to refine the workflow in the process, so I can pick up on either one.

Google fonts I am not sure, because I don’t use them, but in theory carried along with the general preferences, since that is just code linking to their servers.

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