Publishing an interactive PDF or e-pub document


Hello, I just downloaded the beta of Affinity Publisher, (in-Design for folks with less cash). I wonder if it is possible to add an interactive PDF or e-Pub document to a blocs site?


You can certainly add normal PDF files. If you want to make one available from Affinity Publisher perhaps one of us could try for you.


If you mean a digital publication with page turning capability, you’ll have to use something like Flip PDF to convert your PDF into something more interactive. Flip PDF documents can easily be embedded into a blocs site through an HTML bric. You can see one HERE. Just scroll the page to the Digital Publications section to see the example. You can use any app that creates PDF output for originating the PDF file for use in Flip PDF. I tend to use Apple Pages as it’s already on a Mac system and the page layout option makes it simple to use - more easier than dedicated publishing applications.


Thank you Flashman, probably risky at present as Affinty Publisher is still a very suspect beta - I only got it because their Photo and Design are so good and their range is far cheaper than Adobe. My question was really of general interest at this stage, although I am working on my first blocs website, it is clearly a thought for the future.


Ah! Hendon52, Thanks. The HTML bric, of course! I will take a look at Flip PDF.


Can you open and export PDFs in pdf format in affinity? I have been trying to move away from adobe. I have Photo…would love to have a replacement for Acrobat that I can still send to my clients as legit PDF files and or Indesign files.
Now just need a good video editor like Premiere and Audition for audio. I use ProTools and Ableton for producing …Getting ready to rebuild a music website.