Pulse 5.1 πŸ”₯



We made it to 5.1!

Thanks for all the feedback from the Blocs community including @Norm, @DerekDigital @InStacks @wardiam @polusa @tenserd @ludo_vici and all others!

This works well with Blocs app 2.6 and above:

It has been well-received from users moving from Adobe Muse > Blocs+Pulse :zap:

You can read all the changes here but go ahead and download the latest from your dashboard if you already have Pulse :slight_smile:

Key highlights include:

  • New streamlined Inline Editing! No longer a popup, edit live on your page.
  • Admins can upload the latest Pulse zip file to auto update their Pulse core files install without having to go into the server
  • Future dating a blog post moves it into draft mode
  • Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese added
  • Multi-navigation with drag and drop for different page layouts
  • Search galleries based on title or tag
  • And loads more!

Thanks again for your emails and feedback, we insert every request and fix and are still going :slight_smile: