Replacing Google Fonts with local fonts by a Blocs feature

Hi folks,
I want to replace all Google Fonts with local fonts.
All necessary fonts are already installed in the Blocs Font Manager.

I disabled Google Fonts in the project and deleted them in Blocs preferences.
When I start Blocs a window pops up asking for the missing Google Fonts which is normal precedure.

Wouldn’t it be a nice feature if Blocs ask not only for downloading the missing fonts but also for replacing them with installed local fonts?


Great idea!

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But I’m afraid this could be a major task for Norm.

I think it would be as well and users would still need to convert them to web format afterwards. It’s not like something that could just download, install and automatically reconnect inside the project.

All available here as woff2:

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As much as I like designing web pages and test new things I hate the fact that this privacy stuff is getting worse. Recently I attended a webinar about Google Analytics and Fonts and I thought the part about the fonts is just a joke. I think there is even a ruling that if you have that and someone is going to sue you you have to pay them money. It is not that much 100€, but if they do that with 10 companies or more you do the math. So every feature in Blocs that is trying to help to avoid using a technology which is not compliant to any privacy rules is a big plus.

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I agree a lot of this is over the top and anything Blocs can do to help is welcome. I actually found a GDPR Google fonts alternative the other day.

For most users the obvious answer is to self host and side step the external connections entirely. I also see lots of websites using Adobe fonts and if you read the small print it is basically the same problem.

The same will apply to using third party video options like Youtube and Vimeo etc. My understanding is that Germany is the hardest country to deal with in this sense, taking GDPR to the extreme. Here in the UK there are plans to adopt a solution more like they have in New Zealand that protects privacy but in a more practical way.


There are so many choices of Fonts. :astonished:
Curious… as web designers what are your most used fonts? Let’s stay with the top 6.

Captura Now
EB Garamond

Those are the top 4. After that there are lots of alternatives that are used as required depending on the situation. For example I’ve used Campora a couple times and URW Geometric. There are several fonts I like very much, but never found the right project for them so far.

Among those only EB Garamond is a Google font.

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Myriad Pro
Open Sans
Simplon Mono (not free)

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Josefine Sans

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Hello, I also had the same problem. I had to set each class to the local fonts in the class manager. Please also pay attention to hover in the links and menu classes, or also to focus etc… Only then Blocs, better the website, does not load fonts from Google anymore.

It’s a long road but when you want to get rid of google fonts you have to go this way.

In theory when you eliminate a font from the project settings it should be removed everywhere, but you will still need to set them to the new one where custom classes are used if you want the same visual result.

That’s what i meant. And it’s a major task - believe me.

It should maintain previously selected sizes and colours, but yes, having to select the specific fonts could be a hassle if there are several classes. Longterm though it’s a much better option and I would encourage everybody to use self hosted fonts.

Should the option of Google web fonts not be removed from the font manager menu? :thinking:
Google fonts can be added by simply downloading and installing them. On top of it, when opening the font manager menu it pops up first. Pretty annoying :grin:

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Some appear more comfortable using Google fonts by connecting to their servers because this is all they know, so that might not be a popular move with everybody. There are all good reasons to use self hosted though, from page speed to GDPR issues and simple reliability. It’s just better to keep the fonts locally on the server.

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I totally agree with Jerry and Flashman.