Request for help with Blogging Course using Volt CMS

Many hosting companies will offer a service to do this for you. Often free.

But it’s not complicated to do yourself.

Yeah - I had this with siteground, they did it for free for me and did a step by step live chat as we did it. They were brilliant.

Siteground can be pricey after the first 12 months or their cloud service is pricey - but I pass these costs onto my client. I have found SItegrounds customer service to be a massive reason why I stick with them - and the fact I can scale the server at my fingers instantly which I need for live events.

Customer service is huge for me - and being able to access them quick is something I need massively in live events.

@Sabina try a few live chats with various big hosting companies and ask the questions you need answering and give them a go!
Good luck !

Thanks. I only need one domain and it shouldn’t cost the earth for personal reasons. However I want one that is reliable and provides good customer service. At this point I think it is essential to move our site asap. Now to find the right one. Will check out the one you just mentioned

Truly I am extremely grateful to you all. I have now spent some 3-4 days trying to get this to work.

Just signed up with Siteground.


Nice one !, I did a live chat today as had some issues on PHP and they were great - helped me and offered me great advice, I look at them as an extension of my team of what I offer to my clients.

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Me again!
I have been in contact with my current provider here in Japan and I am not having much luck in trying to change the ns.1canonet ns.2canonet to as required by siteground.

The last reply I received said the following:

The HOME/Canonet hosting service requires
If you want to change your name server, you will need to go through the cancellation and transfer process which will also cancel your mail server.

If you wish to continue using the HOME/Canonet mail server and use an external web server, please contact us. I have done this but no concrete way to achieve this.
They say: Please use an A record or CNAME record instead of a name server (NS record).
or CNAME record instead of the name server (NS record), you can point only the webserver to the external server.

For more information
How to set up
Log in to the My Desk administration page with your administrator ID.
Please log in to My Desk with your administrator ID and edit the settings in the “DNS Management” section.

My Desk

  1. manage DNS
    Canonet - ユーザーズマニュアル - 7. DNSを管理する

but here it only gives a lot of figures which I can’t work out or I can’t change.

If I give you information to “mydesk” would it be possible for you to work this out for me, please?

I have pleaded with them to help me out and do the change themselves, but, so far, no answer. Anybody else has this problem and know of a “plain down to earth English explanation “as to what I am supposed to be doing?

Also after having contacted them this morning and pointed out the reason for wanting to change servers (a bit late now - already done except for the 1canonet ns.2canonet issue, they tell me that from March they will be offering PHP 8. Now they tell me.

Gee. These guys are terrible.

Siteground should have been able to migrate over your mail too.

But since we don’t really know the services you were / are paying for it’s hard to understand what they are giving you.

Even if they update in March. A web host that offers you no user control or flexibility and a PHP version that is many years out of date is worth ditching.

Thanks for that advice Malachiman. However, at this point in time and after several days of butting my head up against a brick wall when it comes to the 1canonet ns.2canonet issue I think that I don’t have many options left now - unless my current provider comes up with a solution within the next 24hrs, other than cancel my contract with Siteground and wait out my time until Canonet gets it’s act together and provides :

・プログラム言語 PHP:7.4/8.0、Perl:5.34
・データベース MySQL:5.7
・稼働確認CMS WordPress:5.8

in March. However, they have stipulated that they won’t be doing any transfers of sites. So I guess I run the gauntlet once again - fumbling along in the dark. I knew I was pretty dumb but this takes the cake.

Right, I have had a quick look into this as I have moved around 10 or more websites from external hosting/ domain companies to siteground flawlessly.

I have skimmed over what you have posted, as rushing around this morning to get some jobs done!! But as always I jump straight onto a live chat with siteground on your behalf to ask what is the best way for you to resolve this.

The first thing I did was post your domain name, and they straight away told me they do not support the domain .Jp if you wanted siteground to look after the domain,

They suggested transferring your domain to something like Google domains (which are good too….but check they can do your domain, I am sure they can) and then point your domain back to siteground for hosting,

I personally do things my way! By saying this I mean, I would back all my current email up, and do not bother with a full website migration that you have asked siteground to do, I would just get the domain in siteground via Google domains, or whoever you choose that will support .jp and stick your saved blocs file into it and BOOM! and set your email up within siteground, that’s easy too.

Things like this can be long winded at times, but worth it,

So start with this:

And if you click the prepared. It, you will get this link, which highlights the .jp

Good luck!

Oh and PLEASE PLEASE see what others here have to say if there is a better way, but I would transfer your domain to Google in the steps Google are saying and then point your new siteground hosting. Back up all emails, website etc,

You will have full control and away from the mafia style run company you are using!


Between Canonet and Siteground I seem to be making progress, despite being ready to call it a day. And if I can’t find a solution within the next 24 hours I shall cancel my contract with them later. That is certainly regrettable as I kind of liked their support and attitude. A site transfer by myself with my current provider in March when they finally get PHP 7.4-8 has got me chewing my nails already.

Thanks to the technician at Canonet this morning I was able to successfully finish the transfer of the site over to Siteground.

Thanks, everybody for your support during this tedious week. Would you believe, it has taken a whole week to get this sorted out. But I am more than happy with the support which I have already encountered at Siteground.

A big thank you

Topic resolved


Dear @Sabina

To answer questions from your latest email, I have decided to record a video showing how to upload / install a Volt CMS powered Blocs website on a subdomain. I thought it will be right to share this video with the community instead of just sending it to you, because maybe other people will have the same questions.

Here’s the video, I hope it will helps.


Thank you, Eldar, for all your hard work in putting this video together for me. However, now 1 day down the track, I have to report that I am no further advanced. At my wit’s end I contacted Siteground this morning and support spent several hours trying to get it to work for me as well. I must highly commend their support and ethics. Especially when it comes to something which you all have found so easy. I can’t say the same, unfortunately.

This is what I have:

And this is the link:

The only problem may lie in that when I got the site transferred, I left the ns.1canonet and ns.2canonet (old site) and directed the site through the A record. I have also directed the sub-domain using an A record but it isn’t working. Thus the “This site can’t be reached”

So, with all this said, to put it simply, Volts CMS is not applicable for my site. Should I be prepared to transfer all our member’s email accounts and emails across to the new server then maybe it might be a possibility. However, I have wasted enough time, effort, and money in this last week to last me for a lifetime. If it was mine personally, then maybe I wouldn’t complain, but it isn’t. I must account for all of this.

Looks like it’s back to Eldar’s Blogger template.

Sorry you have still issues with your DNS settings.

The issues you’re experiencing have nothing to do with Volt CMS, but with an outdated PHP version on your old server and the requirement to use Volt CMS on a subdomain, if you want to test it outside of your main project. Prerequisites are documented on the main product page.

There is still the possibility to test Volt CMS in combination with MAMP locally on your Mac. I am happy to help you with the set up, please send me a DM or email.


Thank you for your kindness. I am now on Siteground with PHP 7.3 so that isn’t a problem. Will pm thank you.

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my email is:

As reference, here is a description how to use MAMP as local server environment:

Make sure you’ve updated to Volt CMS 1.7 before for an improved setup:

22 years ago, we started off with a host named MacConnect. (You can still see that on my ancient personal web page here, which hasn’t been updated since 2002.) They merged into a new service named ServerLogistics some years later, which in turn was merged into the current provider, Superior-Host.

We’ve not had many issues at all with Superior-Host. Support is timely, and while they outsource most of it these days, I can get the US based staff to step in when the need arises. Nothing to complain about and prices are what we deem reasonable – cheaper than hosting in Japan, let me tell you. They host our and domains.

Guys, I am in the process of installing VOLT myself, and I fell on this thread. I Just wanted to drop a 2 liners to state how completely, unequivocally, impressed I am with this community… I bow to you guys :sunny:

I made the mistake (or thought it the best way to go considering that I have to take into consideration another 20 people using the old Japanese mail-server) and left that as is and only transferred the web-server over to Siteground. Very happy with that choice. Support was worth it within the first day or two.
However, down the track and I find that I need the mail-server for the ns which handles the PHP. My current mail server only has PHP 5.2. So I am no better off. No PHP 7.4 for Volts CMS and Eldar’s course, plus paying out for Volts CMS which I can’t use. That is, until March when the Japanese provider updates their PHP from 5.2. I jumped into the switch to American server without looking more closely as to how I could have, with the least trouble, move all the mail accounts plus mail over as well. The MAMP didn’t work as well despite Jannis’s efforts. That I put down to my own fumbling in the dark. Didn’t have a clue. Long story! Will have to wait now until March to see if the Japanese provider keeps their promise or I can find a quick and easy way to move over 20 mail accounts plus mail. After days of people giving me advice and it not clicking in I felt that I had just better shut up and wait it out.

Once again, I truly thank everybody who tried to give me advice. I have come a long way over the years using Blocs but I am still a novice.