SEO Title keeps changing menu item

Hello, Is changing the SEO title suppose to change the navigation menu name?

Changed the name of Home to This is a Happy Website and it changes Home to that.


This may help:

Think I found a bug, I toggled it off that then added the SEO title to the page.
Lost the applied classes on the menu.
Added new page and it didn’t get added to the main navigation menu.
Changed the Data Source back to Primary Menu and then went back to the page properties and was able to change the page Seo title and it didn’t change the nav link Home.

Here’s another way I got the SEO title to stick, without changing the Data Source to None

  1. Change the page SEO title (The menu link changes as you type it in)
  2. Go to the menu manager and change the link name back to Home or whatever it was to start with.

Doing it this way works every time.

Once the source is set to none you should set your own menu styling via custom classes, however you have much more flexibility. It’s the best way to work really and frees you of limitations.

If you swap between primary and none repeatedly it’s going to be messy.