Sidebar menu?


Hey guys!
Anyone have an idea if its possible to create a sidebarmenu like this site: with Stockhol/Berlin?
If there is a possibility, how do I make it? :slight_smile:


Sticky briqs or blocs


Check out this video, maybe this is what you need.



Awesome! Thanks a lot Eldar!


Brilliant thanks


Is there anyway to make the side nav bar sticky?


Hey @apt,

I think you can find the solution in the thread below
Floating Vertical Navigation



Yeah after I posted I found the wonderful thing called search and found it :slight_smile:

Wondering if I can do the same for footer too?


Hi Eldar. A video request for you - I still can’t get the sticky header (the floating header that scrolls up to the top of the page and then sticks there) working although I’ve found the code online. If you have a minute…!


It works great, HOWEVER I have a weird bug where the header nav is not displaying after a while when using the custom style code. See image:

I have raised a bug report with @Norm and I hope this can be investigated.