"Site search" bric stopped working in Blocs 5x

Didn’t change anything in the settings for site search in the project file, but when after uploading and trying to search with the site search it only shows blank pages, difficult to describe. Anyone else had something similar? So until further information may be available I had to disable all “search” on the website https://www.himmelstrutz.com and https://www.himmelstrutz.se. Or maybe better downgrade back to Blocs 4?

You might want to enable it again for help from the community. There’s nothing to see now. Site Search works without a glitch for me on 5.

I remember a similar case a while back. Did you update the brick to the latest version? I thought a bugfix was deployed in the last update.

Thanks Jerry, I have enabled the search again now.

I just noticed an update was available, I updated the site serach brics (3 parts) resaved the project, uploaded the updated files via ftp, tried to search and it still does not work. It’s a bit difficult to explain what happens/what doesn’t work… another thing is i don’t remember how I added the site search function in the beginning, I think i followed something on youtube to get it to work.

Seems to work for me.

Small Potato 2023-12-12 at 18.04.04

Yes, it works the first search!" Then try to search again when you reach the first landing page (in this your case FETTO Nord+ FETTO Nord+ . From that path, do another search, for example “FETTO-Maximus” or what you want. Then it tries to load https://www.himmelstrutz.com/fetto-nord/fetto-maximus , in other words it stays on the FETTO-nord page and tries to load fetto-maximus from there, which of course is not possible.

A bug or not in the site search bric, I don’t know, but I had to disable “Clean Page URL’s” in the project settings. After this the site search seems to work again.

Maybe the developer of this Bric want to see this?

It works perfectly for me with clean page url’s enabled.

That’s not matching your original post.

“That’s not matching your original post.” My apologies, but what do you mean?

It works perfectly for me with clean page url’s enabled .

Can you link me to a website you have made where you have used the site search bric and have the “Clean Page URL’s” enabled?

Thanks, I will check out that website. Did you use Blocs 4 or 5 for this? Why I ask is this;

  1. I just opened an old project (in Blocs 4.5.4) which has “Clean Page URL’s” enabled. I uploaded the files via FTP, and the search site bric functions works well.

  2. I opened the same file in Blocs 5.14, saved it, and uploaded via ftp and tested again. This time the site search bric functions does not work.

Blocs 5.1.5

Ok, then i have no idea.

I see lots of errors loading resources. Especially jQuery. Version 1 of the Search bric used jQuery, the new version is pure javascript. If jQuery is not loading, the search won’t work.

CleanShot 2023-12-13 at 07.23.43@2x

Thanks Pete and my apologies if I have no idea what you say there.

The resources that make stuff work, are not always loading… at least for me, it seems that sometimes they do, sometimes there is an error. Everything in red in the images I posted above have not loaded for example.

By the way, I would update Site Search to v2.

What i don’t understand “Everything in red in the images I posted above have not loaded for example.”, those images you show is not an understandable language to me. I run Blocs because no code should be needed. Thanks again and hopefully you can explain for a non programmer…

By some reason when exporting the files, the “site-search.js” get version 1.0 every time, and I use site search 2.0 now (updated today via the Extension Manager)… and when I separately manually upload “site-search.js” 2.0 (which I only can find in /User/Library/Application Support/Blocs 5/brics/Site Search/includes/ the search is OK…