Social links fail accessibility

The social follow links fail acceptance criteria when I run

“Ensures links have discernible text. Success criteria 2.4.4, 4.1.2”

Found a few posts that have similar issues
2017: Achor Text for Links
2020: Accessibility Issues

Is there a way to remedy this, or should I just roll my own social links with a codeblock?

The site is if you’d like to take a look – the social links are in the footer

Are you using the social links bric?

I’ve never used it but assume you can’t select each icon and add a custom attribute for aria-label.

Best option if that’s the case is to add the link icons yourself and add the accessibility options.

I have suggested we get a :focus-within option added to the class editor so we can better enhance our accessibility. But that could be a long way off. :man_shrugging:

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