Stripe again

Hi all.

This may be an issue that others come across too, so can anyone see anything wrong with the coding with the buttons on this page, please?

Stripe helpdesk has advised me to put this in the header, which I’ve done.

// script src=“” /script (open and close pointy brackets omitted)

I’ve also added it before DOCTYPE but no joy.

I’ve taken in Eagle’s suggestion to add the cursor pointer, which isn’t in the original Stripe code.

Help will be appreciated.

You have errors on your page, but you are also trying to load the stripe script about 3 times.

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I wrote this knowledge base post on using the inspector to find errors.

Although this is not likely to be a 404, it may give you a clue to why it’s not working correctly.


Thanks. Back to the day job for the moment. Will use @Norm 's advice and yours to have another look tonight. I may start from scratch to create my Stripe code.