Stylish Countdown Timer & Page Lock?

Hi all,

I have seen some basic countdown timers which I guess can be embedded, but wondering if on Blocs I can do nice stylish one and options to change font etc for clients needs.

They might want a page on the website to be locked too with a password, again must be able to style and look really modern.

Is this possible in Blocs?

Yes, of course! Not from the side panel though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Secure pages can be done a lot of ways. Depends on the site requirements, one way is design in Blocs and implement a CMS.

Secured pages is also on the road map for Volt. Maybe @InStacks can speak a little more into what that will look like.


The password protected content is fairly simple to implement. A basic membership script will do the job. I have a site under development that contains a number of scripts, one of which provides for a protected members area. You can see it in action HERE just enter the site and click on “VIP Login” on the navigation bar. Use the email and password demo. You will be taken to a protected page - there is only a title and logout link on the page, but it gives you the general idea. The script can also be used for sign-ups (optional) with or without payment. Payments can be one-off or subscriptions. Furthermore, members can be assigned to a group of members, with each group having specific access to certain pages and or downloads. The demo site has a premium member sign-up form so you can see how it is implemented. If you didn’t want the sign-up form, you can add members through an admin interface.


lol…be nice if it was !.lol

I have seen code for the timer. Id love Bric developers to make some nice ones for things like this - be great for us to all create landing pages then with timers etc. @Malachiman - why don’t you develop one? id pay for it ! as will be something lots of us here could use.

This is PERFECT!!!

I mentioned above, and with your knowledge, could this be done as bric? and wonder if this can be done with a username like:

Username: KFConference2020
Password: chickenLEG!

and then they go into a page for the live conference?

I can see how to do this in other platforms - how do I go about what you have done?

thanks @hendon52

You can even change the font, size or colour in the side panel and it comes at the massive cost of totally free.

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WOW !!!..thank you !!! I looked several times on the Blocs store - for some reason I don’t see half these things…

I am playing with this right now !! like to see this happening live, take it this needs to on a website for it to fully work.

@Flashman thank you !!!

What would be great if this is possible - when the countdown gets to 00 00 00 if this can then direct me to a new URL? for the launch ?

This will be a true server side solution implemented in PHP, so that only authenticated users are able to view the page (or several pages). You will also be able to define if a page can be viewed by users required to be member of a dedicated group (as you described it).

At first, this will be limited to the already available 5 users to be set up in the Volt Core bric inside Blocs App.

Later on, I will also work on a membership plugin to be able to create users (including passwords and group memberships) online, so that you’re not limited to the possible 5 inbuilt users.


@AdieJAM I don’t want to offend anyone who may be using the forum to promote their own products, so it’s probably best if you PM me. I will then send you the script recommendation and how it works.

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I am half way through 12 mini sites at the moment for a client using Volt and told them about the possibility of adding a login area to the main site using Volt for clients to obtain PDF copies of their documents and even book online. He really liked the sound of this and said it would give him a competitive advantage.


I haven’t actually needed the bric for a website as yet, so not really used it. What you want to do would likely require some kind of external coding.

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I don’t think you will. There are lots of ways to do things, and one solution isn’t the answer for every case study.


I’ll bear that in mind for the future. Meanwhile, if it is a solution that people ask for often, I’ll be more than happy to make a recommendation in the public forum.


thanks all for your input - really appreciate your time.

@hendon52 - I have send you a PM as requested, many thanks - and see below, if you know if this will work?

I have found out this lock code-page which is for bootstrap 4, I like this too as its a simple passcode.

I can get this to show on a page for testing, but not have a clue how to set the log in passcode or even still - when it opens, to make it open the page !

I would like learn things like this as I believe this will open a HUGE amount of options for Blocs.

Here is what I am trying to do. I have played around for over 2hrs now!..
I would like to create just the bottom section, as I can create the top section in Blocs with logo and style it for the company logos I might get !
i know @Malachiman and @hendon52 could hack this around in about 2 mins !!.. cant see how this makes a page open…i take it this sits over the page?

This is just a client side passcode page. The missing part in your link is the server side PHP code which is relevant for correct page protection.


Hi Jannis, thanks for the reply.

So if i had a 2 page site and one link was for page 2 and I wanted this protected, would this work…i guess there is a bit more involved…but its is workable i guess.

I have another option which I am looking at now within Blocs…

If too complex, I might have to jump ship to another platform for what I want to do for this simple 2 page site and one page locked with a simple password. id like to test this on preview etc before I host it.

The option @hendon52 showed was working nicely. It’s a real server side solution.

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Hi all,

Going back to the countdown bric - my client has seen this and does not like the display format of it, and I don’t like the week setting either = if you take off the week the days do not calculate. It can be time specific either and wish like how others have it - once the clock timer has ended a reveal or say a Bloc could open under it and have a promo code in or a Button to click to take you to the reveal - launch page etc. @Flashman have you used this or adapted it?

I take it there is no way to modify this to make it like how all the others out there are done? I am struggling to find something which has some style to it, or something I can style.I have found 2 but to turn off their link you need to subscribe to a 12 month package, and only need it for 4 weeks max when i use it. I do not mind paying for it - but don’t want to be in a 12 month deal with it.

Here is an example of what i’m after:countdown_timer_website_-_Google_Search


right, after a LOT of digging around on this forum, I found a few posts of what people have managed to do. I a bloc which I can edit to hope make it work, I just need to find a way to make the timer stop at the end and NOT go into a - countdown. A slow procedure ! but working…slowly.

I have attached an image of how I would like it to look.

Hi @AdieJAM,

Yes, I like the current countdown timer bric, but wish it had some additional formatting options.

I attached some code I found somewhere on this forum many months ago, but I can’t find it now. I also attached a screenshot of how it looks.

It works for me, so hopefully would work for you. The div part goes in a code brick wherever you want it to show, and the style + script part I put in blocs project header. I’m not really familiar with coding aspects, but I think will stop and show zeroes when countdown runs out. If you or someone else determine how to add colons to output, please let me know. Btw, I’m sure others can provide other countdown examples.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you find any corrections/error.

pruthe (1.2 KB)

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I haven’t needed the bric on any site. This is the only code I have that might work with Bootstrap:

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