Switching to a higher version high risk?

Hi folks, what do you think is the current version, now used as a production program with the extremely large number of changes? (Thanks @norm for the many improvements!)

I have some concerns that I cannot cope with when new sources of error arise.

It would be a lot of work to test all of the “old” pages again. Work here with Mojave and Blocs 4.11.
That’s going well.

Will all of the tools bought from the Blos shop work?

Do you switch to Bootsrap 5.1 or do you prefer version 4 first?

Which export settings work 100%?

Thanks Piet

Backup your bloc directories and ALL files associated with the project so you can revert if required.

Then you can try using Bootstrap 5.

If I was making a new site I would use Bootstrap 5 because Bootstrap 4 is now outdated. With an existing site you can decide to stick where you are and if Blocsapp 4.11 is going well with bootstrap 4 you can push back the need to move to a newer version of bootstrap.

Inevitably when you build a site with a lot of pages, it will need a revamp one day.

The choice is yours not ours and expecting everything to work without any effort with the move from Bootstrap 4 is optimistic, but have a go.


BTW you can keep more than one Blocsapp version active on your computer so you can use different versions for different sites. I have a site using 2.6.5!

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Thank you very much, I already have a few clues. Working with different versions naturally has many sources of error in production.

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I would say that life has many sources of error in production! In my life anyway…

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