Tabs Background Color

I have been trying to edit the Tabs bric but I cannot find a way to change the background color of the first tab. The second and third tab i can add a class to and edit background but then the text color is all wrong. I edit the text color and then unless you hover it the text doesn’t show. Any ideas? I want all 3 tabs blue with white font and when i hover a lighter blue with white font. The first tab refuses to change even after adding a seperate class


For the active tab, add this custom class to your Class Manager and edit it how you like. (make sure to leave spaces when Blocs asks you)

.nav-tabs .nav-link, .nav-tabs

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@Eldar thanks for showing the custom classes.
I checked out, but could not locate details on this.
Would you or some other expert explain what we could do with these?

The new Blocs tab uses three classes to adjust the settings.

This is used mostly for setting the length of the tabs and lines (strokes)

nav-tabs .nav-link
This is acually the list and links in the tabs. It is used to adjust these areas.

nav-tabs .nav-link, .nav-tabs
I’m not sure what all these are for but the most common use is to set the active tab. Maybe change the background color or other atributes.


Thank you @casey1823 for responding. I’m looking forward to more insight in these also.

No problem, glad I can help. @Eldar used the new tabs feature in his apple mini mac site example. If you are a Blocs Master subscriber he showed a detailed video on using these classes in Blocs. I can tell from my perspective the Blocs Master courses is well worth the price.


Love Eldar’s courses! When I first started using Blocs his tutorials were a no brainier. :slight_smile:

Thanks @casey1823 @KBConcepts

And, yes, there is a detailed video about this topic in this month’s update!


I agree with @casey1823, Eldar classes are well worth the cost and as Eldar said this months video includes some videos on customize tabs bric that would have been difficult to find on your own…


Thanks! Is this added as 1 class? or are all of these separate classes? I just tried this changes the background color and text but when you click on second tab it is the first tab is complete white?

Its one class.

I like the way Eldar went through this. :slight_smile:

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If anyone is staying with Blocs the subscription is well worth the price. Bonus videos and the core classes are really well done and serve as a great reference.


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