Text slide show (carousel style)

Hi there,

Is there a way instead of carousel being for images and a banner, that it can be used purely for text…or in fact any bloc/bric that is inside it?

I want to create a text slide show of testimonials…whats the easiest way of doing this without having to mess with code etc ?

Cheers all.

From what I seen in a couple Blocs sites, they made fully transparent images for each slide of the carousel.
I wonder if a professional can chime in on this interesting question with something better though

Thanks @TMRJIJ - I was thinking that. I have noted just yesterday that I have made a move from Rapidweaver/foundation and I am so far enjoying Blocs and diving into it a lot more…but some of the most simple things like a slide show seems to quite limited to one thing.
It’s seems to me that a lot of the blocs need to be kind of hacked to make them work.

A simple solution would have been to create the carousel as it is, and then simply make it a tick box so images can be replaced with anything ! the possibility’s are unlimited if anything can be placed in there rather that a one direction way of building.

I am so far enjoying the experience !!! Just need now how to be able to add a small bar at the bottom of an image (not under, but over the bottom of then image with transparency with a text banner and have it zoom a little) i believe their is a bric to purchase to do this…so if i cant work out a way…i might have to spend some £ !!

You mean something like this?

The best results are obtained by creating your slides in an image editing app and exporting them as SVG graphics. These can be used as slides in the carousel and retain their sharpness regardless of the carousel size. I usually create text slides at 1200 x 500 pixels. Always convert the text to curves or outline before exporting. This ensures font-independence. Slides can be transparent (they take on the colour of the background of your bloc) or they can be created with a specific background.

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On that point of converting to curves I experienced this a while back with a logo exported from Affinity Publisher. It looked fine on desktop or an iPhone but completely wrong on an Android smartphone. Converting to curves ensured it looked right everywhere.

H @Flashman, thanks for that. Hope you are keeping well.

That link you sent, I have just downloaded it - is this just a visual to see how it will look on a website? or is it able to be edited? I have done a screen shot of what I have.
I cant edit or add anything. I found a video you posted where on hover the image zoomed and text moved up…im after this but just a bar at the bottom with the title of the image.

I have attached the image I see (i changed it for a 3 columns instead of 4)

It should work on a website like you saw in the video on that page but you would need have the card designer bric installed. No doubt this could be done without the bric, however it would require additional work. I am away from the computer at the moment.