Free custom bloc featuring Card Designer

Here’s a free custom bloc that features Card Designer in a 4 column layout

CD Shop 4-column.bex (1.2 MB)

Use it as a starting point or simply for learning purposes.


That’s really nice and thank you for uploading. I wonder how effectively this could potentially be used with a CMS and some sort of shopping cart like Ecwid. At present we have Volt or potentially Wordpress in the near future and it would be pretty clever if users could update these cards inside the web browser.


This Bloc is very helpful.
It shows the capabilities of the bric and you learn how to handle it.
But one thing:
if you have project settings for text font you can’t change the color in the brics side panel.
But anyway … well done Whittfield

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That would require a php version of the bric using code for those specific CMS.

I’d like to see what Blocs does in this regard with it’s Wordpress integration. Hopefully it’s in the plans to support custom brics. We’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks for making the screencast by the way!

Thanks @Bootsie,
Glad you find it useful.

if you have project settings for text font you can’t change the color in the brics side panel.

I’ll need to test this and see whats up.


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I only discovered by the chance the other day that it was possible to add video this way on the forum and I think it will be very useful for troubleshooting. Regarding the API if there are changes like this you would like to see and there is a strong case for inclusion I would suggest asking Norm directly.

Have you seen that the bric on the right hand side is different from the others, but only when viewed at MD? I noticed there is no div underneath with custom class, but also it is extended by default, rather than on hover.

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Looks like the “disable on small” setting might be set. It’s one of the hover options. When the card get’s really narrow it disables the hover effect. you can switch it to “on” for normal behavior.

The divs are used to provide a bit of space between cards on smaller screens. It’s not needed on the final column.

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That’s very cool of you @Whittfield, thank you :smile:

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